I take pictures of pints


Agreed but I know many pubs where there is a long distance between them and the pints are still good. But generally all pubs where the distance is short have good pints.

Also vibrations from the speakers would effect the lines in a nightclub/function room as well

That seems a bit odd to me.

.....the glasses and the temperature of the coolers would also have a bearing...

As long as Guinness comes in what I would call an ordinary glass then there is no problem.

Temperature of course has a bearing as has the gas level used for the taps.

I would like to do a thesis on this.



I have heard similar to Puke on the vibration effect on Guinness. One story goes that the Guinness is better in Dublin because it spends less time being shook up in a lorry while being transported.


If a pint doesn't come in a Guinness pint glass it shouldn't be drank. A barman should be given 40 lashes if he serves a pint in a Carlsberg or Heineken glass for example. clap


That doesn't stand up. There are many pubs in Leitrim for instance with better Guinness than most Dublin pubs.


Agreed if it comes in those weird glasses but I have no problem if it comes in those non descript glasses that are roughly the same shape as the Guinness glass.


I have to say that I've gotten fairly good pints in Dublin in fairness. The Southcourt Hotel in Limerick has twelve pints in the line before they come out. It is poison. The lines are the length of a soccer pitch at least




Ya, I am sceptical enough of it too. Rintintin convinced a fella in the pub one night that they still sail the gunniess to america in sail boats as opposed to regular ships because the vibration from the ships engines ruin the guinness.


You can tell how good a barman is by the glass he gives you, nothing but guinness should ever be placed in a Guinness glass.....But some cunts don't give a fuck and they will fuck anything into it....But it is not just the guinness glass, if the glass hasn't dried properly after coming out of the washer be it still wet or warm it can effect the quality of the pint pulled into it.....


I was in the States a few years back and hadn't had a Guinness in about 2 weeks so I decided when I landed in Chicago I'd have a pint that night. So I sat at the hotel bar and asked for a pint of Guinness. I was then asked if I wanted a 6oz or 12oz http://www.thefreekick.com/vbforum/images/icons/icon9.gif


The Guinness glass is fairly standard though, as in it has no distinctiveness about it. Unlike the Heineken or Carlsberg ones. If I got a pint of Heineken in a Guinness glass I wouldn't be too bothered but I would be if I got a pint of Guinness in a Heineken glass.


Doesn't the Guiness sold in the States come from Nigeria?


No, idea probably does. Facts and truthfulness were thin on the ground at the time.


How do they get it on the sail boat?


They use bamboo rafts.




It's called a tulip glass, Smithwicks have the same glass, as does Amstel I believe.


Ah pint hottles of Huinness are the value, I know of very few pubs in Dublin that don't stock them! I also recommend finding an off licence that does Guinness Foreign Export in bottles, this stuff is 330mls of 7% beauty.



The answer is 45

Great trip, I'll expect an invite should one of you cunts win it. :pint::thumbsup:


Otherwise known as a tourist glass. Real drinkers wouldn't be caught dead drinking out of one of these. Next time you ask for a Guinness ask for it in a straight glass, ie a nonic glass. If the barman looks puzzled or the establishment doesn't have these glass's you'll know your in a shithole.