I take pictures of pints


Wouldn't be gone on them nonics myself, don't like the lip(or whatever you want to call it) on them......Fine and handy for stacking though


Fahy's is on Prospect Hill, just a minutes walk from Eyre Square. Its not the type of place you'd bring a young wan to if you were trying to impress her but if you just want a good pint of stout and talk to a couple of auld boys about how the decline of hurling then its a good stop. Old man Fahy literally hasn't changed a thing in it since the 70's and the barrel is still directly beneath the taps.
The Crane,along with great Guinness, fulfills the criteria for chicks suddenly arriving out of nowhere between half ten and half 11 and most particularly in the case of yanks, being well up for it. A quick stroll down the road then to the Roisn afterwards and your in business.
O Connells is one of the best pubs in Ireland, no question.

Best in London, Flanagans in Ealing, and the Bumblebee, off Stockwell rd in Brixton.


Yeah don't like that little bump thing either. Second choice after a tulip glass and I'd drink from it alright but nothing else.


I'd use the glass you're talking about for the bottles of Guinness Extra Stout.


A real drinker is one who refuses to drink beer.




We really are a nation of Guinness snobs


I don't even drink the shite. Never had a pint of it in me life and certainly not going to start next Thursday


Was in Doheny's last night. Full of tossers but the Guiness is top notch :pint:



Is there no decent son of a publican on here to explain it to you?
I work with their distribution business and would meet guinness reps quite a bit. Recommended pouring is 45 deg tilt onto side of glass, pour near to the top, settle to black/2 mins, top up with tap pressed back. Enjoy! Repeat!

A night on one of those new table-top taps is hard going, particularly if you are with the afore-mentioned reps.

Top marks to whoever mentioned the South Court. Worst beer and service you could find.


Hold on! You haven't been initiated yet.


Dont you mean fuck off



Fuck off.


Available in almost every pup in the South East, definitely every pup in Waterford.

The best drink there is.

Would be a cold bottle man myself, but would often start an all-dayer with a couple of slow ones off the shelf.


I here yer big into pint bottles down that way. Pint bottles of smithwicks etc


can an idiot of the year ask questions? should there not be some posting restrictions to help you avoid a repeat?


welcome aboard CCHA.

believe 118 seconds is the recommended pour according to the advertising guff a few years back.

this does not apply anywhere outside ireland.


I do what I want.


The Long Hall




The Dame Tavern