I want to make a statement re: the Celeb Spotting Adjudicators Job

I am conceding defeat to Farmer. I don’t want to disappoint Briantinnion any further and be the cause of one of our best contributors walking away from the forum. To my supporters i say thanks for voting for me. To DB, my deputy were i elected and my heir apparent, i say thanks for your support and kind offer to transfer all your votes to me.

I hope we can move on from this now and that the Celeb Spotting thread can return to its former glory. I think Farmer will make a fine adjudicator and wish him all the best in his new role.


TASE warned me you wouldn’t have the stomach for the battle.

Why didn’t I listen to him. Why ???

Dunph - it takes a big man to admit defeat. I applaud your stance.

Farmer has the backing of the majority we should let him get on with his job. We all know he is going to make mistakes but we need to allow him time to learn on the job. People said Steve Staunton was too inexperienced when he was appointed Ireland manager back in 2006 but look at us now - we’re on our way to a major tournament all beceause Stan was given the time to learn on the job.

We live in a democracy, we live in a free world, we should all be thankful for that and I will have no problem with you challenging Farmer for the role in 6 months.

I have the stomach alright but was too easy going in the early stages of my campaign and got too far behind. In truth i am too busy to adjudicate that thread anyway. It’s not worth carrying on now and upsetting a fine poster like Briantinnion.

In the interest of peace and reconciliation and recognition of what must have been a very hard post for Dunph to write I’ve extended the hand of TFK online friendship to Dunph.

Dunph - check your friend requests.

Epic . Wonderful. Tear jerking .

Well done Dunph ! And huzzah for BrianTinnion

:rolleyes: bigshot accountant alert

oh dear

up limerick

FOAD Dunph. You didn’t have to open a thread to tell us something we already know. Stop making this about you, you cretin.

I didn’t want it lost in some other thread and felt it important to put the matter to bed. Luckily, no-one here gives a flying fuck what you think anyway.

Dunph, there was no need for this. You finished behind me in the poll so that itself was enough.

However, I am not going to kick a man when he is down and will accept your words on this thread with the good grace in which they were typed. You are an alright sort and that remains the case.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about thedancingbaby. I feel our otherwise good relationship is irrecoverable.

Jaysus the Dunph is some fucking eejit.

The best time to kick a man is when he’s down. FFS farmer.

I can’t see farmer lasting too long, his first faux pas and there will be a vote of no confidence against him. He just isn’t leadership material and won’t last

A simple apology and I’m willing to move on Farmer

Over to you

He’s already had an inauspicious start with the ruling out of a future spot on the basis that the spotee was at his place of work. And apparently the sabre lad is actually famous.

I don’t think so. Unlike you i had the bottle to run for this when nominated and nearly won off my own bat and would have won had i combined mine and DBs votes as was offered. I’m big enough to step away from it now rather than drag the thread further into mire and let Farmer do his thing. So don’t be preaching at me from your high stool you no mark.

A thoughtful and moving gesture Dunph.

You made a show of yourself.

How was the baked smoked salmon by the way?

Really good…