IAAF World Athletic Championships - Daegu

Live on Ch4 now. Usain Bolt just about to go in 100m heat. Michael Johnson there for Ch4, that man turns up everywhere.

Bolt just jogged that. Ridiculous.

Ah here :lol:

Different class. Test that man!


Alright buddy. I fucking love you. :wub:

You’re a very weird person.

Lets not fight this undeniable chemistry anymore mate. Let it out.

Not sure if it was cos I wasn’t expecting much form him this year but Bolt looked to find that even easier than heats in the last world championships or the worlds. I predict Bolt, Blake and Lemaitre for the medals with Carter and Frater next.

The Kenyans were pretty impressive in the 10k. Didn’t think Kipyego would beat Masai though. I expected Cheruiyot to win and reckon she’ll win the 5k as well.

Women’s 100 first round is tomorrow. I think Carmelita Jeter will win it. She’s been awesome this season. Kelly Ann Baptiste and Shelly Ann Fraser could take the other two medals.

Men’s 10k could be good. Hopefully Bekele is fit and hammers Mo Farah.

Drug cheat Dwaine Chambers just dq’d from his last major Championships for rocking on the starting blocks in semi final of 100M.

Bolt about to go now again in his semi.

Good start from Bolt again this time, not as quick as yesterday but better than he has been doing in the past. He was slowing up again around the 50M mark. Yet again, ridiculously easy for the man.

Bekele just dropped out of 10000m. Troubled by a groin injury.

Jeilan takes Farah in the last 10m to win the 10,000m. Savage race. Last lap was 53 seconds.

100m final on at 12.45 our time. That’s time for a shit and a cup of tea followed by some more tfking.

Ah that’s ruined that anyway.

That was mental. One false start is a bit crazy. Fair play to Kim Collins though. 35 years old and bronze in a world championships.

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Collins is an alright sort

Had to step out, what happened in 100m final lads?

Annoying for everyone but the 7 other guys and the people around them but I think it’s a good rule. You should only false start if you’re a bag of nerves and can’t control yourself or if you’re trying to gain an advantage by anticipating the gun. I think Bolt was anticipating so he could do something really special or else cos he was a bit worried about Blake. I’d say more likely he wanted a huge performance. I’d expect him to absolutely destroy everyone in the 200m and a super fast 100m somewhere after the worlds. Don’t know if he’s entered for Diamond League but if he’s not I’d imagine that’d change now.

How did the French sprinter get on in thr 100m, the only caucasian in the line up i believe? I know a lad who punted him e/w at 66/1, 1-3 places.

Wasn’t in first 3 anyway Dunph.