Idiot of the Month - December 2011 Nominations

This is the official nominations thread for December 2011.

The old rules will again apply:

Each member only has one nomination and the nominations thread will be open until tomorrow afternoon Wednesday, December 22nd, at 3pm with the poll going up later that day ahead of the vote.

Could you please indicate on this thread whether you would prefer a Thursday evening or Friday lunchtime result? I feel it is important to get a result ahead of Christmas and we will go with the consensus view regarding Thursday or Friday.

The format of the poll will be the usual first past the post being declared winner. So, go ahead with nominations on this thread and please give a reason for your nomination. The nomination should relate to an incidence of idiocy that occurred from 1 December onwards.

Thank you, everybody.

dan carter- he was posting about a rogbee game when there was a football game on another channel at the same time
thursday for the vote

I was going to nominate carter for his anti traveller/anti italian posts the other day as well, but no need to now

probably no need to go through this charade then- carter it is

motion carried :clap:

I wish to nominate Bandage

As only a true idiot could have a forehead that big and some of his posts in th EPL thread tonight have been idiotic in the extreme

I would like to nominate the site bully, Mac, for his bizzare and libelous outburst on an alright sort in Ewan McKenna.

I also was going to nominate Carter for his racist comments.

I’ll nominate croppy_boy for continually talking about January '12 transfers in the January '11 thread. What a Dick head.

I’m torn between jimmy29 for his bizarre comments about Gary Speeds suicide and his continued tripe ridden posts on darts, Anto for a similar level of tripe on darts and his sweeping incorrect assumptions on all matters rugby related, and The Tipping King for being the champion of the after timers and for not sorting out that brother in law of his.

However, I feel none of the above no marks would carry such a prestigious crown with the dignity it deserves so I need some additional time to think this through.

croppy will be seething to be nominated given it was croppy_boy who was the guilty party here.

Croppys retardness on the horse racing issue should also not be forgotten

Dunph for his darting delusion and his rudimentary levels of written English.

I stand corrected , Croppy_boy. Thanks Bandage… You fucking cunt.

I’d like to nominate ChocolateMice for nominating the incorrect Croppy earlier in this thread.

Some very strange PM’s going around, identifying some of the main protagonists. This thread needs to be officially regulated.

Thursday evening result please Bandage.

I nominate TASE because…well it’s in keeping with the tradition of IOTM’s of old.
I cant remember a month when he wasn’t nominated, and with the return of this most auspicious of competitions, I feel the nomination is warranted.

Welcome back IOTM :clap: :clap:

I nominate KIB Man for the same reasons (and also for any number of idiotic posts this month).

I nominate Gola because a guy who has never posted anything of substance on the forum should not be having cracks at the ‘best newby’ elect.

I have always feared the return of IOTM, because its so damn hard to choose. Totti? MBB? Kev? Chocolate Mice? I thought I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.

Ah fuck it, I nominate Totti for his incomprehensible hatred of Barcelona, his use of 2 day old silk blouses and because he smells.

Great stuff. I’ll nominate Rocko. He’s too bland to be idiotic these days but he got a little rattled on a Udinese thread earlier and should guarantee both my votes anyway.