Idiot of the Month - January 2012 Nominations

This is the official nominations thread for January 2012.

The usual rules will again apply:

Each member only has one nomination and the nominations thread will be open until tomorrow afternoon Thursday, February 2nd, at 3pm with the poll going up later that day ahead of the vote.

The format of the poll will be the usual first past the post being declared winner and the poll will close at 4pm on Friday, February 3rd.

So, go ahead with nominations on this thread and please give a reason for your nomination. The nomination should relate to an incidence of idiocy that occurred from 1st January 2012 onwards.

Thank you, everybody.

I wish to nomiate Farmerinthecity for his utter ineptness in the Celeb spotting thread.

I wish to nominate MBB for that ridiculous & bizzare quip he made about me ( I can’t remember what thread).

I wish to nominate Gman for his constant knocking of the great Tim Tebow.

I wish to nominate The Dunph for his farcical carry on before, during and after his defeat in the Celeb Spotting Adjudication Thread.

i wish to nominate Tim Riggins for coming onto this forum & talking about children that arent his playing sports

I nominate Bandage for his switching of allegiance in the Giants thread.

More despicable than idiotic but I am seething at such carry on and have to vent.

Was it the “spent docket” remark?

Is it petty to nominate my good friend Totti for referring to the byline/endline/goal-line as the touchline 5 times in the space of a few minutes last night? Probably, so I’ll nominate KIB for referring to the byline/endline/goal-line as the touchline twice in the space of a few minutes.

Farmer will be hard bet

I wish to nominate Sid Waddell for pretending he knows about Leinster schools rugby. Then actually cutting and pasting an article from last season by Tony Ward and trying to pass it off as a preview for this season, utter charlatan. :lol:

No, it was a quip about me being small and involved him saying “Boom it’s out of here” or similar.

Was that last month?? That was woeful … Mbb will be hard bet .

An hour to go before nominations close…

Smallest field ever. This nomination process failed to capture the imagination.

I nominate Rintintin for not turning up at Clonmel and not even offering an excuse as to why he wouldn’t go.

I nominate Shannonsider

Does last months defending champion not get an automatic entry into the poll? It was Foley wasn’t it?

That sounds like a sensible course of action as opposed an idiotic one.