Idiot of the Year

The IOTY competition was first held in 2009 and entailed all the idiocy of the calendar year of 2008.

IOTY was a follow on from a very successful idea by [wiki]bandage[/wiki] to hold a monthly contest by which the biggest idiot of that month would be voted on by the forum members.

It was truly an epic contest that begun with the IOTM Wildcard Nominations Thread. Those nominated for the Wildcard Vote are listed below

[wiki]john connor[/wiki]

From here it moved onto the IOTY Wildcard Vote which [wiki]flano[/wiki] took despite strong competition from [wiki]caomhaoin[/wiki].

This set the Forum up for an epic contest which truly had the whole of [wiki]tfk[/wiki] held captive for the duration of the voting.

8 finalists then went to the post, each one in with a chance of being the inaugural [wiki]tfk[/wiki] IOTY. The Finalists were

[wiki]The Puke[/wiki]
[wiki]KIB Man[/wiki]
[wiki]north county corncrake[/wiki]

The [wiki]banter[/wiki] over the duration of this contest was epic, and was encapsualted in this thread.

The IOTY competition will forever be associated with two sides, the [wiki]mulliance[/wiki] and the [wiki]flano alliance[/wiki]. Poster childs for both organisations during this vote proved to be [wiki]The Puke[/wiki] and [wiki]flano[/wiki] with both the [wiki]mulliance[/wiki] and the [wiki]flano alliance[/wiki] campaigning hard.

The 2008 IOTY Contest saw [wiki]tfk[/wiki]'s highest ever vote turnout, with a staggering 84 votes cast in total.

In the end however, it was the the [wiki]flano alliance[/wiki] and their posterchild [wiki]flano[/wiki] who came out on top. The [wiki]flano alliance[/wiki] took this result very hard and there was desolation in the forum for some time afterwards.

We await the 2009 contest with great interest. For the record below is the final vote tally for the 2008 contest.

[wiki]Bandage[/wiki] 0 0%
[wiki]Farmerinthecity[/wiki] 1 1.19%
[wiki]dancarter[/wiki] 1 1.19%
[wiki]The Puke[/wiki] 31 36.90%
[wiki]artfoley[/wiki] 1 1.19%
[wiki]KIB Man[/wiki] 0 0%
[wiki]north county corncrake[/wiki] 15 17.86%
[wiki]Flano[/wiki] 35 41.67%