If a TFK member did time in prison what crime would it be for?

If a TFK member was sentenced to a stretch behind bars what type of crime do you think it would be for?

Aside from obvious things like driving home over the limit, urinating in public and / or drunk and disorderly during a night on the town, high jinx in football grounds ( all of these that I have now more or less grown out of and are not classified as real crime) I am worried that some day I will get involved in something dodgy due to the company I keep and the environment I live in

These would be
[]Trafficking of human beings thru disputed borders for cash
]Corporate fraud

Obviously I hope this will never happen but one cannot know

Other members:

Murder : FenwayPark, a manic depressive and a bitter human being who hates life and seek solace on the internet, there is one seriously violent outburst in this man

Assault / violent disorder : Kev, im actually worried he may be in trouble after the way he spoke about those aussie guys on here who stole his tools
Kev is an entirely decent sort and a great poster , but all his talks about boxing, maiming people and a very sincere outpouring of very deep and real threats to other posters on here has us all a little worried

Corporate Fraud : BrainTinnion, reasons obvious, I can see BT in an Enron type scandal in years to come

Memebership of the IRA : CantonasBoot

Theft: DanCarter

drunk driving eddie halvey style ( no remorse) : Locke

Stalking and Harassment : Mac, Puke, Watchthebreak

Dannyfoleying (firing drunk birds in a skip after coppers): Jugs, Bandage et al

Other forms of assault : TAN, flattythehurler

Anyone who has posted on here could be implicated in some form of libel so ill leave that one out, Runt is obvious as he already has the Limerick County Board keeping tabs on him here, SLR in fairness posts fearlessly about Limerick GAA and that is to respected, CM is a strong contendor here also

Anyone else spring to mind?

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Nonpayment of child support : Thrawneen

Being caught John Galvan Snr style by the cops : Mickee321, Thrawneen

You for being a prize cunt. There’s banter and then there’s banter but what you’ve said about one particular poster is despicable.

I hope the Hezbollah fry you alive.

Genocide and assisting genocide between 1992 and 1995: mickee321


Lighten up Spidey, I think this falls into the “and then there’s banter” category.

Spidey has appointed himself to the self-appointed moral majority with balbec, carryharry and Horsebox.

Arson: Rocko.

:wink: True prob overeacted. I know you’re good for the alimony pony.

Thuggish carry on in a shopping centre setting: Rocko.

Being a paedophile - Mickee123- because he is Jimmy Savillesque in his attention seeking.

Rum: Sidney

Sodomy: ClarkeyCat

The Lash: balbec

Stalking: myboyblue

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Animal rape: Horsebox

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Illicit relations with underage camogie players: TAN97

Squatting in a hotel: Sledgehammer

i think we are banned from discussing what that sick fuck Tan would be arrested for

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Free speech - Sidney
Pornography - Foley
Corrupting the youth - Tase

Some members of the board are aware that my partner gave birth to a boy last April. He has being diagnosed with a very rare terminal condition. His life expectancy is very short and he has also endured his a fare amount of time in hospital already.

As he gets older he will get very sick. Life has been tough for all of us. I often come on here in an effort to get some semblance of normality.

I certainly don’t need to read crap like that above. Anyway, that is me done with this forum. It has taken a very nasty turn recently and I want no part in it.

Jesus christ Fenway- thats horrible to hear

mods-delete this thread

Very sorry to read that Fenway.