If you could read one truly honest autobiography, who's would it be?

I think I’d pick Martin mcguinness.



Bernard Hopkins

Bertie Ahern


His last 15-20 years have been extremely boring. He lives like a monk

Larry Murphy…just to know…

jean McConville? Nah fuck it. Henry Kissinger. Evil cunt

A real person please.

Charlie Haughey

Joe Player

Frank Murphy

Is it not widely accepted that Jesus was a real person? The religious stuff is another matter.

yes it’s a history fact that Jesus existed. Good answer. I’d go with Jesus too.

boxer micheal gomez…

Facebook Girl. I want closure.

Good documentary on RTE about him a few months back. You’ll surely find it on their website somewhere. Part of Doc on 1 series. I’m fairly sure I heard it on night of world cup final.

no way…I’ll have a look for it…read an article about him years ago…some life!..

You mean that white anglo-saxon hippy who lived in Judea 2000 years ago? Personally I think he’s a fairy tale invented by a cabal of very powerful people ie: The Catholic Church and the myth has been highly successful.

I’m not aware of any actual emperical scientific evidence that this bloke with all his wonderous powers and magic tricks existed, but of course I’m happy to take on board any such peer reviewed evidence that is brought to my attention.

If he did exist, then fair enough, but I will not become one of his devotees. He can get fucked.