I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


What a day for it, nicer than the White cliffs of dover


Ah lovely. A lovely stroll indeed. I did the howth cliff loop yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. I did however confirm to myself that I’m still a bit shit with heights.



Where’s that taken from? Is that the PWC building as that’s on the other side of the building unless you’ve taken a mirror image of some sort


Straight shot of the Convention Centre taken from the south side of the river across the road from The Ferryman. The PwC building is out of shot to the right.


On a trail run yesterday morning.


Lovely stuff. Looks familiar


Curraghchase. I live within 2 miles. Run there 2-3 times a week. Great for training as the roads are so much easier after it.


Lovely. I run some trails up around Keeper and a few other places but Curraghchase never really dawned on me even though it’s only out the road


Often thought about going up Keeper myself . Few of the lads I know use it.


It’s a fair aul jaunt to the top (about 8.5km to the top and the same back down) but there’s a lot of it that’s actually relatively undiscovered - some lads worked on mountain bike trails unofficially and there’s loads of lovely single track trails for running.

PM me if you ever need a route there


Sound for that. I will do.


Greetings from the east coast


Some day in the capital



The riviera.


Flaggy shore by night.

No torch needed tonight.


That’s a colourful runner.


What can I say… I’m a colourful guy


Mt Brandon yesterday.


That track up by the paternoster lakes is incredible. :heart_eyes: Eventually one day I will do Brandon and it will be clear at the top.