I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


A bit of the Ring of Kerry.


Be careful taking pics while driv…never mind.


I was in the Glen of Aherlow earlier and there was snow on the Galtee Mountains (see below). I went to Lisvarrinane and saw Effin Eddie Moroney’s pub. Aherlow GAA ground looked absolutely stunning at the foot of the snowy mountain, and it would have more for a splendid shot, but my phone camera went on the blink. I was seething.


Lovely, spring has finally arrived, got out to Lough Gur today as well


The cur of Lough Gur.



Be jayses. I was in Aherlow with a team this morning, pity you didn’t stop in, we’d make a fair attemp at a sub 25 min 5k.



Gorgeous day in the Galtees


Looks great. You weren’t tempted to pull a Flatty and take a sneaky photo of the missus for the lads online?


It happened one day last summer when I was up north, I pulled the wrong photo from my collection, she was only a speck in the corner but a few spotted it before I pulled it down


And a fine speck she was.


The Polish wan?


Even more beautiful on the inside mate, cc @Ambrose_McNulty


Yeah, we wanted to save you the embarrassment of revealing your real life


Grand stretch in it now



Back arse of donegal