I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread



Oirelands most beautiful rugby club


Slieve Gallion Braes
As I went a walking one morning in May
To view your fair valleys and your mountains so gay
I was thinking of your flowers all going to decay
That grow around ye bonny, bonny Slieve Gallon Brae

Oft times have I wandered with my dog and my gun
And travelled your valleys for joy and for fun
But those days are gone forever and I can no longer stray
So farewell unto ye bonny, bonny SlieveGallon Brae

Oft times in the evenings and the sun in the west
I roamed hand in hand with the one I love best
But the dreams of youth have vanished and I am far away
So farewell unto ye bonny, bonny SlieveGallon Brae

It is not the want of employment at home
That caused the poor sons of old Ireland to roam
But the rents are getting higher and I can no longer pay
So farewell unto ye bonny, bonny Slieve Gallon Brae

Farewell to old Erin, a land that is so green
To the Parish of Lissan and the cross of Ballinascreen
May good fortune shine upon you when I am far away
And a long farewell to bonny, bonny Slieve Gallon Brae


Eagle Valley, looking into South Galway.


Border skirmishes again :thinking:


Taken from the Barr road in rossinver looking down over Lough Melvin.Donegal bay in the distance.


The Missus isn’t too impressed with you taking photos for the lads.


Not mine bud


Rossinver is the mothers home place - haven’t seen that view in a while






Careful now. @Fagan_ODowd could be in them bushes.


Thats terrible talk!


They haven’t found the body yet then?



Lazing on a sunny afternoon…


Its 3.57pm, how did you manage to finish 3 mins early?


I’ve just started my shift as a lounge boy in the hotel.


You’re a Savage man for the auld Hop House 13. Are you at a conference pal or on union business ?


Seminar/ training / junket/ pissup.