I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


Anyone and I fucking means ANYONE. I fight the. Now.


You’re an ugly cunt all the same Brimmer. Is this where the anger stems from?


I bet you don’t have the balls to smash your glass on the counter and glass yourself.


You were on five at around 2pm. That’s got to be at least 12 with the possible inclusion of a bottle of wine and a ball of malt?


No wine. No karate water. But was coerced into solid food.
However. I gonna run the out of the bar now.


That’s another new one. 12/13?


I’m still going lads.
Some fucking fanny around cork.


I’ll fight anyone now.


Might night


Great pour brimmer


Fuck em. They said I was a liar.
Here buddy. Your recent maloxial surgery. Was it cosmetic? and if so. Did your health insurance pay for it.
If you want to answer that via pm I don’t care. I thin s lot of you as a poster. Most of your posts I find myself nodding in agreement.


Yeah. Sure only for an old cunt like your mother I’d never get a ride.


Yes it was a step in getting an implant and no the insurance wouldn’t cover it


Ah fuck


How’s the form now? Would you recommend hop house 13?


Hop house is lovely
Just don’t have 10 pints of it in one sitting. :face_with_head_bandage:


Night 3 guys. It’s a hard test !!!


Did you try fucking the vodka into the beer? My first boss in the US insisted on firing a shot of vodka into every beer. Considering the quality of beer in the US at the time it was actually a fine idea. I still occasionally resort to it.


Fuck I didn’t. I’ve enouh in the HH.


What do you think of Peoplepoint pal?