I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread




typical civil servant after interaction with peoplepoint


Are they not giving them a few bob extra to use it properly?


Wexford RA lads flexing their muscles


Jewish IRA by the looks of it


No. Five points. It is the Occult IRA


We go again!!
There’s going to be some fucking comedown whenever I stop. 4:00am this morning.
Few hours kip, meeting @ 11:30 back on it since 1:00pm.


You’re the best drinker on the forum.


He might or might not be but he is unparalleled in gloating about drinking .


Nothing to be proud of.


Ah sure I’m only keeping the thing up to date. A brief post to my best mates while I’m in a strange bar in a strange city. I sometimes slip away for a bit of soltitude.


There’s no harm in that. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.


Will you ever go home again?


I’m actually relishing home now. Mrs Bradley joined me last evening but I had to go away for 6 hours to an unscheduled event after she arrived.
She’s not impressed, I left her to a whisky tasting workshop with the other WAGS and she’s not keen on any of them.


She’s little to be complaining about. Handy enough spin up from Tipp to the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel for her, an event put on for the other halves and free accommodation too. Enjoy tonight’s festivities, pal.


Will do. The WAGS are spoiled rotten this weekend. Golf, whiskey and spa treatments while we collectively steer the country to fiscal security.


Did you step up to the plate in relation to that promotion they were begging you to take?


Interviews next month. I’ve done my sums on it and it’ll be dam lucrative alright,but I detest the hotel life.


There’s me thinking your current junket was one of the perks of your new position. You’re on the pig’s back.


Where are we with the restoration of the 33 hour week mate?

If I thought there was any chance at all I’d buy a few more breeding heifers in Gort next week.