I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


That man’s attending to the fiscal security of the nation, while negotiating ten pints and fettling a stable over wags, one of whom is nonplussed about the company. I’d treat his advice on husbandry with caution


Did you have fun in the Heritage Park?


She wasn’t keen on the whiskies sampled or the rest of the WAGS ??


The wags. Some of them are cunts.


Is this not the wife he “left” / got thrown out by/ deserted around Christmas last year in the midst of a midlife mental realignment. The reference to WAGS is therefore funny. I had HAGS in mind actually.


She’s not a hag. Far from it, I’m punching well above my weight, and age group.


Making money not spending it.


:gun: :gun:


Pay parity and pensions are the priority.
Heifers are always a risk, your husbandry and faculties should be up to scratch. Maybe leave the bovine midwifery & early rearing to full time farmers.


Isent she a proddy or a tan or something like that?


Mrs @Brimmer_Bradley has lads hopping like sausages in a pan


What’s “like” a proddy or a tan?


Brimmers missus you tool. A fine bird too albeit a bit difficult at times


Go back and read the question slowly. In the interests of civility and bonhomie I’ll excuse your poor manners.


Who is this, chap?


Are you asking me?


Who are you?


I’m Glenshane


Never heard of you.


You have now. You’ll be reading books before you know where you are