I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


Are you a proddy or a tan yourself?


I’m neither. Earlier I was just asking what was LIKE a proddy or a tan.


Fuck off and stop wasting my time you monotonous prick.


You’re probably just in bad form because you can’t go home tonight unless you bail out your madam


She’s an orange, tan, black Protestant bastard.


I thought she was.


Annnnnnddd we’re back on the merry go round.


Time for a g n t.


The Irish make such a ceremony over a gnt these days, Hendricks or something better?


Nice tang to the Hophouse.
Tastes more like a beer than a lager.


Karate water is better known as whiskey.
Some lads think they’re Bruce Lee after a few half ones.


Plain old Gordon’s.


Quigley’s Point. Looking south towards the north from the south in the north.


The Urumea afaik


That looks fantastic


The rain has been plentiful, but it’s no less pleasing for it.


Peaks yesterday from the bike.
The road you can just about make out winding it’s way up the hill in the second shot is our usual route. The rock formation at the top just to the left of the road is a famous climbing spot, where Joe Simpson started out.




You wouldn’t tackle it on a fixie.