I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


North Wexford Riviera yesterday morning


I’ve given you two likes but could you please confirm whether you used filters?


I took plain photos and the Google Photos App on my phone created some kind of enhanced photo that I’m assuming used all kind of weird filters.


Ineligible so. Strike these from the record please @codegreen.


Where was this one taken, @Mac?


Does the app make your nose smaller when you take selfies?


Why are they looking to increase your hours?


Courtown, the beach just at the start of the Burrow Road. They’ve built a little platform at the top of it.


It enhances its beauty, SpongeBob


I’ll defer to the expert.


The Rochdale riviera


Lovely car park there @flattythehurdler




I’m enjoying a coffee on the terrace.


On a bus from EMA to Loughborough at the moment. Some grand countryside on the mainland on this sunny day



Hey @Bandage check out the deadly rock in the middle of this photo.



@bandage saw way better rocks in Iceland.


A lovely rock. Looks like one you may find around the Basque Region and into southern France. A kind of San Sebastián, Biarritz vibe off it.