I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


Grand spot. Are you in Mayo or Galway?


I’m in Derry. That was taken in February 2013!


Somebody will probably correct me but I think it’s leenaun


I don’t think that’s allowed mate :nerd_face:


I’m a rebel


Gave Carrauntoohil a quick scaling this morning via the Devil’s Ladder. Majestic day for it. Still fairly cold at the top all the same.


Fair play. After my swim I climbed Ben Nevis.



How was he?


Was someone killed up there the other day?



Been up Carrauntoohil only twice in my life and blessed both times with clear skies at the summit.


Some Canadian lad fell 100m down it and was killed yesterday. Was out hiking with his Mrs. Heard conditions were poor enough up there yesterday.


Ah that’s rotten.


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