I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread




Lough Scur is the money shot here.


Water for 200 cows and grass for 6 as the man says.


Sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday morning…


You could make a brochure from those


Where is that?



Just outside Fethard on sea on the hook head. Barely any swell or waves out on it this morning.


Coaches are known for copying each other’s methods but @gman has kicked things up a notch by copying that coach in Thailand and bringing his u14 football team to explore a few caves after training this morning


Your own kayak, or were you out with the Irish adventure crowd?


yeah out with the adventure crowd. Decent set up he has there in fairness to him, has made a right go of it.


no bad for an o’rahilly, must tip out with him some time soon.


He’s from Adamstown. Wouldnt have been far off your year in school I’d say?


There was some crowd at Powerscourt waterfall yesterday, literally thousands, some spot in fairness


Baginbun is it?


and around the headland to Carnivan then



Much was the kayak session?


€50. out from 10 til about 1.


yeah, he looks familiar enough