I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


Those pics look savage. Would it normally be rough there?


no wouldnt be rough on the Baginbun side at all, other side would be choppy enough in bad weather alright. But nothing crazy either.


very rough closer to and in Fethard.



Where am I


Ballingarry (Limerick).
The sun sets fierce early there


The skyline of county Limerick is dominated by Protestant curches.


Hardly. Far more in tipp.
Where is that, knockainey?


The Drive from Glenagarriff to Castletownbere is absolutely stunning in this weather.
Adrigole Gaa ground has some views around. :clap::clap:


Ballingarry with the lethal summit of Knockfierna in the background


Correct. From the steps of the mustard seed



Heading off to Killarney and around for a few days tomorrow.
Anybody know of a good mountain to climb (walk up) with a kid (11) that’s fairly straightforward? I remember doing Mangerton years ago and think it was handy, I’d rather just do it at our own pace than one of those guided tours.


Go up the cardiac steps


Did most of that last year with one on my shoulders,


Decent workout! Its worth the effort


Strickin is a relatively handy walk as well. Few years since i did it. its one of the reeks and entire is def less than 10k walking. Would be manageable with kids Id say. We parked at Kate kearneys and went from there


You can walk up a loop around Torc.


Was kind of hoping to do one of the Reeks if it was handy enough, just something with an easily followed path and no real climbing


I’ve ran Strickeen and that’s a nice one. I also ran/hiked mangerton before but found it torture. I had torn some ankle ligaments about 3 hours before that though