I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


There’s a good few paths up the mountain on the LHS as you drive up to ladies view, most have parking spaces at the opposite side of the road. Not sure how the rohdedendrums are in the summer though. Only a handy spin out of town too.


Strickin is your job so


Nice views to pick up a few handy likes on TFK???


That’s Dalkey Island on the left hand side.


On a fine day everywhere in Killarney has good views! But yeah its a lovely spot


Torc in the early morning


What hotel are you in buddy ?


We’re in the tent, the dog has changed things completely,
Kids and campsites are a perfect combination


Nice, Killarney is set up for that type of thing in fairness, expensive but ticks all the boxes.



Live spot


No hunger issues there.


not a spot.
fucksake, people will be posting live spots of piebald ponies next


Summit of strickeen, lord of all she surveys, she wouldn’t mind getting a bit closer to a few of those sheep though
Looks like a short stroll over to carrauntoohill from here


Reek Sunday


View from the top this morning,



The Pacific Ocean.


What exact spot is that though?

Could you be more pacific?


Bray head at 9am.