IM Facility

Any chance we could get it back?

I want to talk to my mates about greyhound matters…

Seeing as the IOTM vote is over, I see no reason why Rocko can’t sort this out for you dunph.

It’s a cracking function which was working crackingly. I don’t see why it should have been done away with in the first place.

Hey Dunph, how you keeping? I miss our chats.

It was removed to promote the integrity of the competition and making sure we got a fair result. I’m sure you could appreciate that.

Maybe dunph needs some real friends

Ditto. Why do you think i started this thread…

I am good, how are you? Hows the family?

I haven’t got a chance to talk to NCC all week cause of this being down.

I also have some big news for manaboutdog and i refuse to use the PM facility to do this.

The PM facility is for peasants and jerks…

I thought it was the Prawn you used to be chatting to?

Na, I coach a junior soccer team and I have been getting advice from NCC on the use of space and the role at that a trequartista could play in my team.

I can’t think of a better man to give tips on that. :clap:

Surely a combination of NCC and KIB (how to mark space) would be optimum for this sort of advice?


we were just getting into a onversation about the rise & fall of 352 as a formation when the IM facility went down:mad:

There you go.

I just got an IM and it definitely wasn’t sent tonight. :smiley:

And just to say the chatrooms are fully operational now and should do exactly as they’re supposed to. Not that they’ll be used.

does someone need a hug?

we love the chatrooms rock.

Set up a chatroom for the Celtic game tomorrow night rocko?

People can create their own chatrooms. That’s the glory of it.