I'm going to watch a film soon, which one should I watch?

Your intelligence knows no bounds…

Barrup and fook! :lol:

Gone Girl is decent. Rosamund Pike is a lovely looking girl.

Saw it myself this evening. Decent film alright. Not a first date movie. Pike and your one from the blurred lines video are very pretty …

Any really good movies released this year? Ones that might have gone under the radar?

Try “Enough Said” a bit girly but enjoyable. with James Gandolfini.

I’m looking forward to Christopher nolan’s new sci fi film.

Fury, saw it last night excellent film.

Gone girl is shit.

It was a load of bollox typical American hero tough guy v the world propaganda shit

Interstellar is bonkers but strangely affecting.

I thought it was very good and liked the way it showed that not all Germans soldiers in WWII were cunts at the end of the film.

Ah it was very predictable though

Saw Nightcrawler tonight.

Jake Gyllenhaal is very good in it, I can see why the critics are saying it’s his best film since Donnie Darko. Rene Russo is good too, she hasn’t aged well though, say her face has seen one too many Botox injections.