Everyone else is at it - Physios deserve their day in the sun also.


He would be there on match day as well where he probably charges €50 an hour. That could be up to 3 or 4 hours out of his day where he would be at our disposal. if we play 20 games in both codes between league and championship that could easily account for a few grand of that total. We just got one bill at the end of the year. Anyway I plan on shaking things up.Wintergreen laced with poteen will be the order of the day from now on.

We have had terrible administrators for years but its hard to get people to do these jobs in the first place. As I’m sure is the case with most clubs only a handful can actually raise or generate money but everyone has ideas on how to spend it.


Some similarities there alright although the gimp didn’t sign up for it.


If ye are paying a physio €200 a pop to be at a match ye are being royally fucked over.

Even at €50 an hour ye are basically paying him for a months work. €10,000 at say €50 an hour is 200 hours, so at 40 hours a week it is 5 weeks work, while paying him €2k a week :neutral_face:.


Ah here. Ye fucking deserve to be ridden so.


How can ye honestly go cap in hand looking for sponsors when this shite is going on?
He’s not even a physio.
I suspect you’re taking the piss. I hope you are.


How much is an MRI generally guys? Might get my knee checked out, getting some swelling after matches and such of the knee I had the cruciate done on, I know you generally have keyhole surgergy to clear up cartilage some years laters. It’s about 8 years now since I did mine.

Will my health cover reimburse me or can I get it paid through them?


€250 I think.

VHI will cover it if you have been referred by a GP.



Thanks bro.


Cheapest place I found at the time was out beside the VHI place in Dundrum. Think it was around 200 but that was a few years ago now.


How many years ago?


It won’t cover any rehab or physio thereafter I think. Is that correct?

Gaa club insurance is worthless.


Will they do a special rate on 2 knees?


I would say maybe 6.


They will. Just keep them close together.


Just googled it there. They are now called Affidea although they weren’t that when I did it. Price range of €200-295 listed on their website for an MRI and it is covered by VHI.

cc @Nembo_Kid @Fagan_ODowd


I know. I had an MRI with Affidea (formerly Euro Medic) in Northwood on Saturday.


Will I be charged more or less because I have legs like Zambrotta?




I think VHI will only pay for MRI if referred by consultant.