Did you sort this? Usually a quad strain…foam roll and stretching.


Turns out it was actually a muscle injury at the very top of my calf as opposed to tendonitis. Very thin muscle which was impacted, after a few dry needling sessions it is much improved.


The Shamrock Cup :joy:




I recently discovered tumeric is unreal for inflammation, with my heavy training regime it has turned out to be essential


Irish gaa roasters are fucking unbelievable


Bit my tongue quite hard there lads when eating my dinner.

It’s a rear tongue injury and I think I have sustained some soft tissue damage.

Please advise.


A thumb up your hole should distract you from the tongue discomfort.


Bite your lip and say nothing.


Absolute morons.

Lee Keegan being a lapdog also at the weekend. What does he have to prove ffs.


What did keegan do kev?


Turned out for Mayo after saying he’d take a few weeks for himself after the club AI


First time for everything


I didn’t enjoy it so won’t be doing it again.


See Raylans post.

Now we don’t know was he pushed into it or did he ask, either way it was silly.


You can be sure it was his own choice.


"After the time that it took to have a few dry needling sessions had passed, it improved"
I think you mean.


Definitely his own choice. But should have been told to fuck off for a fortnight at least.

Darran O Sullivan came on for Kerry as well.




Picked up what I can only class as a dead leg last weekend. Collided full speed shin on shin with the planted leg of of an opponent. Was agony at the time and took me a good five minutes to run it off.

Had a heavy limp for three days or so afterwards but it has softened out and have little pain walking and no real bruising or pain to the touch. But when I sit down or go to bed I get a savage pain from the outside of my ankle to the bottom of the outside of my knee which wakes me numerous times in the night. Anyone ever experience similar pain?

Any previous dead leg I had was above the knee