The live alone elderly ladies around cork can breathe for a few weeks.


Reformer Pilates

It will make you two cm taller.

Great for the pelvic floor too.

You’ll be two cm taller, have a healthy spine and in a good place to become Multi orgasmic


I wouldn’t wish S.I problems on my worst enemy


And ypu don’t think trunk stability work is imprtant yet?

How bad foes it have to get?


Did I shout down trunk stability?


You thought squats and deads covered it


Well I was just messing with Glas… But you do engage with core when doing them…

Anyway, my hip was slightly locked as a well and it wasn’t rotating properly but he’s freed that up and worked out a lot of tension on quad so I’m feeling a lot better.


Medical intervention. Needed. Grand.

But what next?

And some people engage their trunk, but many don’t and most have weak lumbar so it flexes near technical fatigue


Just need to ease it back out… Keep stretching and foam rolling then back to strengthening and mobility when I’m good… It’s been two years since I had a serious dose and it… It’s always going to be an issue but to varying degrees… It’s just about looking after yourself which I’m usually good at…

Anything I should be doing regularly?


Not foam rolling your lumbar anyway.

Doing loads of glute, quad, hammy & adductor specific building, hip flexor stretching, thoracic mobility, lat flexibility.


You’re fucked so Choco. Princess should get a few of your little men frozen now before you seize up altogether


It sounds to me like sciatica. You have been misdiagnosed and you’re not treating it properly. Stress is one of the key contributing factors to this and could be explained by the upcoming nuptials.


He must have an abnormally large thumb that went too far up his hole and made shit of his sciatic nerve.


I do a lot of that stuff…you’d want to watch who you’re giving that handy chat to, bud. I won’t be long tipping down to Ballincollig with a claw hammer and ripping your nose off.


Making excuses for being a blouse at your stag already


Yeah, I came up with it four years ago and I’ve been tipping away posting about it since then to get out of my stag… You’re a genius.


A bit of long distance trail running will sort it all out



And getting ratty about it too. Only natural he’d be a bit nervous though


Typical limerick, weapons needed.

I hVe no idea what you are on about though.

But sure come out anytime. Daytime is quite, i can get bored sometines