Probably a bit of scar tissue still there. I had a right calf tear last year as well. Seems ok now. I got dry needling and was hooked up to machine which sent electric impulses into the calf. Also deep tissue massage. I generally avoid physios and go to physical therapists instead. More hands on and has worked for me over the years.


Cheers man. I’ll give that a go.


Make an appointment to see paddy leahy in lasercentre. Sounds like a build up of scare tissue. Deep tissue only goes so far, laser will have it as good as new.


Have you tried sticking your thumb up your hole?


@KinvarasPassion is your man if you have calf trouble


So long as it doesn’t need feeding


Stay on top of it with foam rolling after treatment.


@Bandage, how’s your calf holding up?


Good suggestion that cheers man



I wouldn’t suggest foam rolling on that for a while.


Get well soon, mate.


What happened?


@fenwaypark sorted him. Sorted him good and proper


I called to @backinatracksuit s door. Thought I could convince him to vote No In the 8th . He invited me in for tea, and then the wife and kids jumped me.


Is the foam roller any good for lower back pain? I’ve had an issue with it for a few years now, flares up on average once a year leaving me stopped for a couple of days, since I took up running it’s given me a little bit of trouble, the pain is more of a minor nuisance but I’d like to help it, physio didn’t do much, I do very occasional yoga for people with back issues


Might help.



Wouldn’t touch the lower back with a foam roller. Try rolling the glutes and hamstring and they can free things up a bit. Google pelvic tilt also. Common enough and can give lower back issues.


Unless you’re trail running or on grass I’d keep the distances low. Not sure running is a great exercise for lads to take up in their 40s


Do a few sprints on the pitches in Mary I rather than jogging at walking pace prying on travellers.