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No offence mate, but what on Gods earth would I be hoping to achieve sprinting across a hurling pitch at my age?


A moderate level of fitness mate,

What age are you?


I’ve been fit all my life, just need to take a break from soccer for a while


I’d agree with him. Slight increase in risk of muscle injury but should achieve results. Better than spending hours a week hitting the pavement.


Why? A bit of 5/6 a side, couple of times a week would be far better for you.


I’m a bit confused about these results you mention, it’s just a hobby that allows me to kill a bit of time in the mornings, I’m a very early riser.
I had a specific query about the foam roller


It’s easy to confuse you. I find jogging extremely monotonous, a series of sprints would have greater appeal.


To what end though? What are the results that you suggested I’d get?
I can’t think of anything with less of a future than hopping out of bed to sprint across a hurling pitch, luckily I don’t find running monotonous anymore, it mightn’t be for you.


Just booked In for the second knee replacement in August. Hence the sudden upsurge in cycling activity. I’ll do 30 km a day to build up the muscle around the knee.


Best of luck with it, pal.


Cheers mate. You’re one of the good guys


Is it the whole knee replacement? That’s a big op. Hope it goes well buddy.


Best of luck mate.

I’ve a banjaxed knee myself, very sore after any exercise. If I’ve training or a match within a couple of days of each other it’ll be stiff as a poker and sore for about twenty mins until it’s warmed up and then it’s perfect, then bolloxed again afterwards. Did a run Saturday (not running normally just had a weekend off) and it was perfect all through a bit stiff yesterday and now I’m crippled today. Any thoughts @caoimhaoin it’s going on a while. Tried resting it for a week or so and no joy, rest not really an option at the minute either, few big games coming up


Here’s an interesting read




How much are these placebos? I could do with one on each leg


I’ll do it for free


You’ll be right as rain in no time, pal. Modern replacement surgery such as a knee is a breeze these days… Still tho, if you need anything done while recovering give us a shout.


Is it the same knee twice?

How long to the artificial ones last?


Send the bill to Joe McNally!

Best of luck with it. My auld wan had it done in the last three years. Great relief for her.