Belfast is the best place to get your knees done.


Ni ceapaim.


It’sthe right knee. I had the left one done 5 years ago. It should last 15 years.


All the very best with it


Best of luck with it pal.

Will you be out of action for long after it? Will Bobby be missing out on walks?


Ill be on crutches for about 6 weeks. The nephew will walk Bobby.


All the best, Fagan. Would this op have been on the agenda anyway or did that injury sustained in Donnybrook a few months back bring it on?


It would have come around anyway but the injury sustained in Donnybrook hastened it.


Why would it have come about? Life wear and tear from occupation/hobbies or the celtic curse?


Life, wear and tear, excessive exercise when younger, bad runners, flat feet, the Celtic curse, Joe McNally, bad posture, a cunt of a football trainer.


@caoimhaoin - sports hernia — talk to me.

It’s mild presently and I can run/ play ball with no issues but lifting or even a semi sit up motion I can feel the strain.


You have a hernia or you don’t

Simple op to fix. Had it done about 10 years ago. Day procedure by now maybe. Mine appeared overnight inside my ball bag :worried:


Sports hernia is different, no? — It’s tied to groin strain and no lump or anything involved.


Its different in that its not a hernia!


Yeah, it’s more a tear…


Sitting up here in the bed after having the full knee replacement done. A very worn arthritic knee consigned to the bin.

No nausea or pain yet. Watching Leeds v Swansea here.


The forums first cy borg


If only it was yesterday you had gotten it done, we could have arranged Deccie and John to have dropped in for a visit. Get well soon mate.


2-1 Swansea there


Who are they?