Can he do anything for the excessive body hair?

I’ll ask for you.

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Anyone ever get a bone bruise on their patella?

Am told it can take around 3 or 4 months to heal

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In town yesterday with nephews /nieces for parade … Just passed Electric bar heading onto grand parade there’s a little coffee spot and a big grass area — the main foot path there is paved and there’s a little step between it and the grass area – of course with the throngs of people I didnt see the little step and walked right on the edge of it and the ankle went completely over … ‘Are you alright boi’ – a few locals let out in concern… ‘fine’ says I as the pain was shooting up my leg and i’m gripping my wan for support.

Kept it moving not to let it go stiff and went and got ibprofen immediately and she’s not that swollen at all … 2 week lay off I reckon to build strength back up.

I’m lining up a lawsuit against Cork Co Co.

cc @codegreen

You can take the boy out of Limerick…

I’m going to sue you too if you keep it up.

Is that why you didn’t drink last night because you were taking ibuprofen? Do a bit of light work in the pool takes the pressure off the injury. Cork are in Monsoon season any decent rain will flood the city and was away the remaining of the soil in parky Kiev

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Nah i’m just old pal … I’ve drank 3 times since last summer I’d say… just bores me.

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That’s not the drink’s fault you tiresome cunt


I forget who was on about it before but can someone bump the link for that clinic in Dublin that lasers off scar tissue or some such miracle cure like that? Anyone here use it and how did it go?

Sound. Have you used it at all, and what for?

Was going to him every six months or so to clean out my knee after I did the cruciate. Less of a need for it nowadays, and I’m not in Dublin either.
I think he rejuvenated @Bandage’s campaign on the 20 minute 5k mark most recently. @fenwaypark ran for Ireland after going to him. @The_Selfish_Giant had the cowardice cleared away from his spine.



he is a gem, fairly booked up now though so call asap

30 minute.

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Talking to a lad the other day who reported NO noticeable benefits after having the laser treatment despite the lad doling it out bigging it up! :fearful:


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Signing OUT :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

My hip flexors are in tatters


ditch the weight training and embrace animal flow and Pilates. I’m moving like a supple leopard these days