Weights are probably saving me … no warm-up and then playing full pitch soccer for 90 minutes might be the issue

You’ll do your Achilles next pal and that’s no laughing matter to recover from in the winter of your sporting life.

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I must say the animal flow is a game changer


The recession is officially over. Fcuk me. Animal flow and lasers.

Tough one here

Aint nobody as feckless as a farmer in a hurry. I imagine that wasn’t a piss poor sized auger either. Hardy cunt.

Still, not exactly a PTO shaft, no coming back from those fuckers.

Have a serious pain in my heel for the past two weeks, have self diagnosed it as planters fasciitis. Have been rolling a golf ball under my heel and icing/voltarol’ing it up everyday. Has slowly improved, had a championship match tonight, ground was rock solid under foot and am in bits from it now.

Anything I can do to accelerate the healing process or do I just have to wait it out and not be a fucking idiot playing on hard ground with it?

I had this bad after marathon. Went to paddy leahy and was good as new next day. Wasting your time going to physios etc.


Put a few drops of lavender oil into a basin of water as hot as you can take and soak it. Mix one or two drops of lavender oil with coconut oil and rub it in your heels deep. It has good anti inflammatory qualities.

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What does Paddy do?

Paddy will fix it in 10 mins

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And what would a treatment set me back?

Around 160

They sticking your thumb up your hole, puke.

I also have a serious pain in my heal. Grand most of the time but if I point my foot back towards me in any stretches it is very sore. Came out of nowhere about 2 weeks as well weirdly.

Take pain killers for tonight and try to stretch calf gently … Had a dose of this before and a mixture of foot and calf stretches along with strength work did the job… scrunching your toes in wards while they are flat on the ground - ten times … like you are gonna pick something up with them. I had a mild dose at the time tho and it passed after about a month.

Lasercentre on hume st. Former galway hurler and a sound man.

Don’t point your toe back towards you in stretches would be my advice mate.

Prevents me from stretching my calves and hammies, bro.

Great shout. Much appreciated

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