Inter Milan to win champions league

currently 9/2

italian football generally gets the better of spainish football- the ability to win dirty is the key

barca overhyped because they trounced a poor arsenal team with a clueless manager

jose will outwit pep & they will stiffle barca

th final is a formality then

dunph- delete this thread if my prediction fails

I certainly will but i’ll be surprised if you’re wrong on this one…

If Zlatan starts this may be very true,if he doesn’t Barca will win 2-0 over the two legs.

Barca 4/5 looks good value to me and I’ve recently become an excellent gambler.

The winner of that semi should easily beat either of the other two though so 9/2 ain’t bad given Inter are capable of upsetting the apple cart. If I’d a few hundred spare I’d throw it on Barca though.

How I laughed. Barcelona overhyped. Jesus wept.

Inter may very well beat them. That wouldnt be the greatest upset in the history of the world but to call Barcelona overhyped is laughable.

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:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Piss off…

would you recommend locking in my profits ow dunph or hanging on

ill probably lock in some of my profits

TBH NCC you’d be more an expert than me on Italian football, but if i were to be so brazen i would in fact suggest a dutch bet now to lock in your outrageous profits…

Cheers again btw…

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Nearly there now mate…



:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Fuck off.


Great work NCC. :clap:

Paddy Power have a class offer at the moment.

Inter and Toulouse @ 11/5


[quote=“Fitzlegend, post: 457419”]
Paddy Power have a class offer at the moment.

Inter and Toulouse @ 11/5
[/quote] :lol: What the fuck is this?

What odds on Inter and Touwin?

It is a bet, what does it look like?
Toulouse to beat Biarritz

Inter to beat Bayern Munich (extra time doesn’t count)

the double is 11/5.

Toulouse are 1/3 and Inter are 5/4 normally so the PP special represents value for the two favourites.

Don’t go too hard WYT, Fitzlegend.

He’s new around here and only finding his feet at the moment

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Unreal. I had €2k on this, cheers for the heads up…