Interesting concept albums

Together with the concept…here’s three random ones…

Primal Scream - Vanishing Point - An album based on the film Vanishing Point about a dude driving across the states chased by the cops with a cameo by a nude bird riding a motorbike and a blind DJ. Great film…great album.

Neon Neon - Stainless Style An entire album based on the life of John Delorean by Gryff Rhys side project. Enjoyable.

Eels - Hombre Lobo E’s developed this alter ego of a lonely guy with lots of hair, this is the result. A terrific album I feel.

As you can see there are lots of interesting concept albums out there. What are your favourites?

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Love Vanishing Point. Nearly up there with Screamadelica for me. Has a real sinister sound to a lot of it. Kowalski, If They Move, Kill 'Em, Stuka etc. Hoping to see the Scream in Galway next month.

Get Duffy.

70’s cop show stuff that one. Star is class as well. Love most of the album, good mix between the more relaxed stuff and the heavier stuff on it.

I would class Vanishing Point as my favourite Scream album aswell. Very disillusioned with them in latter years, that ‘Country Girl’ single turned my stomach it was so bad. Also Mani really acted the cunt at a Red Box gig I was at a few years ago. I think they’re at the end of their interesting output era.

Would agree that they’ve passed their sell by date alright. Hardly listened to their last two albums at all. Evil Heat was the last one I really listened to and I didn’t think it was that great. Exterminator was pretty good but I got pissed off with it when TG4 started using Shoot Speed Kill Light for their GAA coverage as I was hearing it every Sunday. Only ever saw them once live, at the Point at the end of 2000. Brilliant night that was, drank the whole night at a random house party out in Glenageary after it. Meant to see them in the Olympia last October but didn’t go in the end. Was talking to an English lad I know a while back about them and he said he went to a gig of theirs and Mani came out and just shouted “wankers” at the crowd all night. Gillespie is a brutal singer altogether, they used to have a black girl singing for them back in the day, Denise Johnson, fantastic singer she was.

Gillespie always struck me as an alright sort, Mani is a tramp. He was shouting unnecessary political shit in the gig I was at. You could tell Gillespie was embarrassed. Bobby must be pushing 50 at this stage.

The Scream. Never quite decided what I think of them. I love Screamadelica and I LOVE Star and Keep Your Dreams

In other news, Vanishing Point is a fecking deadly movie. Good stuff, SS.

That 1970 Dodge Challenger…what a car.

I was in Harrod’s recently and they were selling an original Vanishing Point film poster for 850. I bought two. :guns:<object width=“425” height=“344]<param name=“movie” value=”
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Screamedalica is a mighty album.

Big, broad and majestic.

Not too familiar with Vanishing Point.

Dark Side of The Moon is the definitive concept album but overrated I feel. A nod to The Divine Comedy’s Promenade which takes the form of a day in the life of a person. Utterly brilliant and my favourite Irish album ever.

I love the idea of concept albums…
I’m quite a fan of them.

The first concept album I ever listened to was The Wall.
From there I went on to listen to Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals. Not too gone on the Final Cut but there are some good songs on it that I like. I must give it another listen.
The Wall is my favourite Pink Floyd album. I love how the first In The Flesh is a preview to Pinks descent in to madness and then we really start with the Thin Ice and listen to a character grow as the songs go on.

I’ve listened to a couple of Roger Waters solo stuff. I like The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Amused to death and Radio Kaos. I prefer pros and cons but the other two are worth a listen too. Off Pros and Cons I like the title track and Every Strangers Eyes.

Then you have The Who. Tommy is a fantastic album. It’s a bit dark and disturbing at times[Fiddle About and Cousin Kevin]. I like Quadrophenia as well but Tommy is masterful. See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.

I am also a big fan of Green Day’s American Idiot and their new album 21st Century Breakdown.
I think Green Day tend to polarise opinion. People seem to be turned off by their new found social conscience. Well, it was bound to happen that someone would begin to write anti-war songs.
Why is it so distasteful that it was Green Day? They wrote an excellent concept album which at first appears to be a full anti-war album turns out to be something else altogether.

American Idiot follows the transformation of a disillusioned suburban teenager (“Jesus of Suburbia”) into a darker, city-living persona (“Saint Jimmy”). Songs on the album tell of Saint Jimmy’s exploration of his new self, meeting and falling for a girl(Whatsername) (and their eventual breakup), and his reverting to his Jesus of Suburbia persona and returning home to the suburbs.

The lyrics to American Idiot and Holiday are hugely anti-Bush and anti-War and I loved it when I first heard it and Im still a big fan of the sentiment…

Previous Green Day albums usually had couple of good songs and then the rest tended to be somewhere between ok and filler rubbish. American Idiot is such a strong album from start to finish with songs that all work well together and each song related to another in some way. Homecoming [the second last song] is where everything comes together and it’s one of my very favourite songs. Letterbomb is also a personal favourite.

The new album is really excellent. The choice of single[Know your enemy] isnt great in my opinion if they are looking to attract new listeners. As a standalone song it seems a bit weak and repetitive. In the context of the album it is quite strong and relates heavily to a later song [Restless Heart Syndrome] RHS is probably my favourite off the album along with the title track. Before the Labotomy is a great song too. The album is a futuristic view of a world where America is falling apart and the country is spiralling toward nuclear civil war. The two characters Christian and Gloria sing the songs which talk to each other. The recurring question is whether the actions of the government at the end of the 20th century were worth it…

Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh have just released an album completely about cricket. It’s called The Duckworth Lewis method - it seems to be getting good reviews.

Must check that out, Bandage. I’m thinking the first three singles will be called ‘Crease’, ‘LBW’ and ‘Dickie Bird’s got sunburn’

I suppose Tommy has been mentioned. There’s that Manu Chao album Clandestino, interesting if you’ve a tolerance for a lot of different sounds. Inter-cut with speeches from that Subcomandante Marcos chap as well.

The Streets-A Grand Don’t Come For Free

Not far off SS**, here’s the tracklist:

The Coin Toss
The Age of Revolution
Gentlemen and Players
The Sweet Spot
Jiggery Pokery
Mason on the Boundary
Rain stops Play
Meeting Mr Miandad
The Nightwatchman
Flatten the Hay
Test Match Special
The End of the Over

Meeting Mr Miandad. :smiley:

Superb stuff there Bandage.

Tommy would be a rather early concept album alright though I don’t have it myself. There seems to be a notion abroad that the only Who song you can play on the radio these days is Baba O’Riley, God knows why as there must be at least a dozen all time classic Who songs out there at the very least.

First ever concept album was The Beach Boys’ Little Deuce Coupe in 1963.

Just in case you were wondering.

[quote=“Thrawneen”]First ever concept album was The Beach Boys’ Little Deuce Coupe in 1963.

Just in case you were wondering.[/QUOTE]

You’re kidding right?

Miles Davis was doing all kinds of mad shit with jazz back in the 50s. Kind of Blue was released in 1959.

Music didn’t begin with ‘let’s give off the persona of being mentally ill but really I am just a gobshite’ Brian Wilson.

[quote=“farmerinthecity”]You’re kidding right?

Miles Davis was doing all kinds of mad shit with jazz back in the 50s. Kind of Blue was released in 1959.

Music didn’t begin with ‘let’s give off the persona of being mentally ill but really I am just a gobshite’ Brian Wilson.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I was wrong, wasn’t I? I remembered someone saying that.

Please retract that insensitive comment about Brian Wilson though, if you don’t mind.