San Marino 0-13 Germany!!!

Including a penalty in the 90th minute. It must have been given for either manslaughter or murder because surely the ref would have some sympathy for them. Has the time come for prequalifying for these group stages like in the champions league? There doesn’t seem to be any benefit for either team in games like this.

France-Italy was meant to be a cracker but didn’t see it.

Can’t believe how Spain got beaten in Belfast. They really do flatter to deceive. Cracking winner by Healy, you won’t see a better finish. Hilarious listening to the bias on BBC Norn Iron aswell but that is some win for the coooooooooooonts.

Czechs battered Slovakia in Braitislava (2 goals for Rangers’ new signing Sionko) so that’s 6 points for them and Germany. It’d be great if we could beat the Czechs at home to get into the mix. Pat Dolan said on Setanta tonight that Staunton should get the sack if we don’t win in Cyprus before then! I think the negativity has already gone too far, the media are now imagining all these worse case scenarios before they have materialised. Let’s get behind the team and manager for a while and if, after he’s been given a fair crack of the whip, things are not working out then make the corrective action.

Chant last night in Windsor Park: “Are you England in disguise?”
Obvious but class all the same.

Did ya hear Jackie Fullerton(correct me if im wrong). Talking about the spanish defenders, here’s the long haired spainish defender(Salgado) , great shot by the long haired spainish defender(Puyol). Very descriptive.

Great to see a team go out there and absolutely hammer another one into the ground. Too often you see teams go 4-0 up in the first half and only grab one or two in the second. I understand the reason that they cool off in the 2nd half but its great to see all the same. Thank God for our sake, goal difference doesn’t count!!

Scotland played well yesterday, Miller, McFadden (until his injury) and Dailly were very good. Don’t rate Fletcher at all. He is capable of playing against Faroes and Lituania but once he comes up against the French or Italian midfield it will be a different story. Good start for the Scots but I fear that they are just in too tough a group to expect them to qualify.

When they went 3-2 up they started into the chant, ?let?s all do the bouncy,? as they jumped up and down in the stand. A chant made up by loyalist filthbags to mock the sick murder of Robert Hamill in Portadown a few years back. He was attacked by a loyalist mob and had the head kicked off him. They jumped on his head too, hence the chant as pioneered by Linfield and Rangers supporters. Sick individuals.

Cracking win for Scotland alright.