Idiot of the Month is a monthly contest usually contested by The Puke, Farmerinthecity, The Dunph, NCC, Bandage and a representative of the [wiki]Flano Alliance[/wiki].

The IOTM award is a testament to Bandage’s entrepreneurial spirit as it was he who initiated the award in an attempt to make interaction on the forum even more spiky and argumentative than usual. IOTM takes place at the end of each month, with each TFK member having one nomination prior to a designated cut-off time. At this point, all those nominated are entered into the official IOTM poll.

Although members’ voting choices are private, users can see the running tallies and this has caused controversy amid claims of people waiting to see who’s in the reckoning for the award before voting tactically based on this. However, a recent vote on hiding running totals was lost, with speculation suggesting the Flano Alliance wanted to have access to running totals so they can adapt their voting tactics accordingly as the vote progresses. The so called speculation though turned out to be just a flurry of wild accusations that had no basis in reality.

At present, the IOTM is crowned after a ‘first past the post’ race. A previous poll to determine whether there should be a run-off vote, with the top 3 candidates at this stage then proceeding into a final and exclusive poll, was defeated at a previous juncture.

The official IOTM Roll Of Honour is:
April 2008 - Bandage
May 2008 - Farmerinthecity
June 2008 - dancarter
July 2008 - Farmerinthecity
August 2008 - The Puke
September 2008 - The Puke
October 2008 - Art Foley
November 2008 - KIB Man
December 2008 - [wiki]North County Corncrake[/wiki]
January 2009 - [wiki]Captainshan[/wiki]
February 2009 - [wiki] Mairegangaire[/wiki]
March 2009 - [wiki]artfoley[/wiki]
April 2009- KIB Man
May 2009- [wiki]Captainshan[/wiki]
June 2009- The Dunph

The Puke became the first and only forum member so far to clinch back to back titles.

Farmerinthecity is the only member so far to win the award three times while The Puke, KIB Man, Art Foley, The Duunph and Captianshan lead the way on two each. Flano despite being the Idiot of the Year 2008 has never won the monthly award. NCC hhas receieved the most votes overall

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