Iphone or xperia?

In advance of purchase I’d like some advice on the above. I would welcome reviews from owners of either device and also comments from general geeks who know all about these kinds of things.

Thank you.

HTC Desire blows them both out of the water imo

I own an iPhone and like it more than I’d like to. It’s a very well designed phone and the apps for it are limitless. Interface is excellent.

Played with an Xperia a small bit and thought it was ok but not in the same league. That was based on fecking around with one for a half hour or so last week. It’s obviously a decent phone, I just didn’t like the look and feel of it for some reason.

Have a look at the HTC Desire too if that’s an option for you.

Interesting, they’re basically saying the iphone is a piece of shit in comparison, apart from the apps.

The iphone does have new software coming out in the summer which will improve its functionality. And it is a better music player probably. And the apps are excellent.

But the apps for Android are only getting better and if I’d been a little more patient I’d have hung on for a Desire - but I prefer Android anyway.

The new Samsung Wave is out on Friday. I had a demo on it versus the iphone. ti’s skinnier, it looks better, the camera is better, the screen is not like a mirror and it was much much faster at surfing.
I would not touch an i-phone after seeing it.
They are also doing apps specifically for Ireland. Handy.

The main thing jugs is that you could video a bird in coppers and not have to worry about screen glare.


Does that mean I should wait until the summer to buy (which is now incidentally) or can the new software be uploaded like with a computer?

Also, what’s this Android you refer to?

Yeah just wait until sometime this summer (probably later this summer as opposed to earlier this summer) and you can just upgrade away and you’ll have the new software.

Android is an alternative software platform for mobile phones that Google developed. It’s instead of Apple’s software (or Windows Mobile or Symbian or Mambo or lesser known things). It works very well and means there’s global apps for it that aren’t just specific to your phone so any phone that runs on Android should be able to run the same apps and software.

I wouldn’t go near that Samsung Wave Tom - it’s a nice phone but you’re tied into Samsung’s operating system which just won’t have a big enough base I don’t think.

There’s only one way to find out…

[size=“5”]… FIGHT!!![/size]

HTC Desire is only available on Vodafone, I’m with O2 and recently (apparently) agreed to a new 18 month contract. Can I still just walk away to Vodafone and keep my number or is there some penalty for breaking such a contract?

I imagine there’s a penalty. It will be nice for you to buy a new phone knowing that there’s a better one out there though.

There’s probably a penalty alright, 02 will probably have it soon enough though, but it’s also available with 3 in the first week in July and if you’ll be doing a lot of websurfing on it then their tariffs are the best by a mile.

Rocko, am I right in saying that android apps are free(open source) whereas apple ones will cost you?

Nope, there are both paid and free apps on apple and android.

I would agree with this. I have the Samsung Jet, while it’s a great phone, camera etc, there’s fuck all out there in the way of apps for it.

I would be wary of getting a phone designed by Google too, it’s only another means for them to keep track of you :unsure:

you’ll probably have to pay out the remainder of the 18 months jugs, so i dont think thats a runner unless you signed up less than 10 days ago. did you get a new phone recently or change price plan ?

have to say that i’ve been put of SE by the satio, but i’m not due an upgrade for another 7 months anyway. HTC would seem the way to go though, unless nokia are coming out with something that runs on android but given they bought out the symbian foundation, i dont see that happening


But the positives are the HD video, the screen with no glare (which bugs me when taking photos or surfing), the memory, the speed and the styling.
To be honest, if the lack of apps (and they have tons and are still adding more for Ireland specifically was my only concern it’s a lower weighted priority than the others.
Teh i-phone is nice but it might as well be a mirror. Everytime I would go to type a message I woudl see my reflection and start blowing myself kisses and what not and then forget what I was doing.
Opps, did that sound gay?


I have a HTC Innovation through Meteor. Great Dog

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed the glare thing. It may only be an issue for those who are both vain and have borderline ADD.

The apps make the phone for me. Particularly the slingbox app.

The glare on the Samsung Jet is a killer, it’s barely usable in strong sunlight.