Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Look, we’ll give you guns, tanks, planes and bombs - but don’t use them.


They can use them on each other shure


The Saudis still have a lot more of them. In any case no one is going to be too intimidated by an Air Force with the acronym QEAF.


It’s easy to be cynical but the reality is that the Yanks are innocently stumbling into another massive military engagement.


unreal from the states, divide and conquer, have the camel jockeys at each others throats


Orla Guerin reporting for the BBC in Mosul, helmet / flak jacket combo as usual, standing beside some lad with an AK shooting at ISIS who are 15 metres away, while airstrikes hit all around. She is an extraordinary journalist. She’s completely bonkers of course, but an extraordinary journalist and a credit to Ireland.


A credit to Ireland?


Horrific cholera outbreak in Yemen. 200,000 cases already. UN estimate 7 million are on the verge of famine. The Saudis are fucking psychopaths.


The Saudis are lunatics who toe the line by pricing their barrels of oil in USD.

You can do what you want then.

cc @balbec


The war is unwinnable for the Saudis. They have an air force but they have no army. The only ground successes they’ve had in Yemen have been when attacks were led by AQAP. If Trump wanted to do anything meaningful in foreign policy he could start by ending US support for what’s little more than a civilian massacre. It’s Hillary Clinton’s war anyway.


That 31 year-old Mohammed bin Salman chap was promoted to crown prince in Saudi Arabia in the last couple of weeks, which means he’s second in command and first in line to succeed the 81 year-old king as leader of the country, which means he’ll likely be in full charge in the not too distant future.

He appears to be a complete psycho and somebody who is only gagging to start a few more wars.

The guy he replaced as crown prince has just been placed under house arrest.


The result of a Russian bombing in Idlib today



Women now allowed to drive in Saudi :clap::clap:




It just turned into a shooting war between Iraq and Kurds – the #Kirkuk assault is on.


Sucks to be Kurdish.


I’d imagine they knew this was coming. They’ll have to carve out their new country piece by piece if they want it


New Saudi lad is cleaning house at the minute. Locking up his political rivals and forcing the PM of Lebanon to resign. Said Iran had too much influence in the Lebanon. Big blow out between the Saud’s & Iran for control of the Arab World looking more likely all the time. Already taking place by proxy in Yemen and Syria. Saudi’s attempts to force Qatar back to heel by blockade has backfired and aligned the Qatari’s, Turks & Iran vs the Sauds and friends


The 7000 year Saudi reform plan continues apace.