Ireland politics


Fair play to him, you can see the pain in his face, unreal dedication to public office and the retention there of.


A warrior indeed. The state of his car after the horrific collision. Lucky to be able to walk.


God spared him to his work.


I think Satan got first dibs on the Blueshirts.


May God have mercy on your broken soul.


Michael O’Regan of the IT illustrating perfectly at the moment why Irish newspapers are in such a shit state. He’s a correspondent, not a cheerleader. Just report the news.


??? Wha


Legal challenge now to the appointment of Drew Harris as garda commissioner. What fucking idiot thought this would be a good appointment?

High Court challenge launched to prevent Drew Harris becoming next Garda Commissioner


Well our own are so fucking bent, why not bring in someone like Harris who is, im assuming, not beholden to any cunt poltician in the Republic like all the rest of the bent cunt cops are (my opinion).



What a weirdo


Which one?

Imagine being married to or even dipping either of those 2 yokes for oil on a regular basis.


I won’t say for fear of being sued

Then again, I doubt one ‘legal team’ exists


You cant edit Tweets AFAIK.


A real pair of clowns.


O’Doherty is some headbanger. Like Kitty, I hope she gets nominated, will be gas.


Can’t bate a cat fight :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


She would be box office. It’s a pity Vincent Browne is retired, imagine him carving her up in the debate.


O’Doherty would split Kevin Sharkey’s vote.


Can’t see him getting a nomination to be honest.