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That’s a very unseemly spat. Talk about making a holy show of oneself.

I’d say the feminazis are fuming at their carry on.


and if all else fails drag savitas corpse into it.


Good jaysus imagine sending either of these 2 out to represent the country. A laughing stock.


That’s hardly the defamatory tweet?


I see dinny got another handout, and no tender for it either


Kitty retweeted this about GO’D, but I don’t think it sparked the row:

It has something to do with a GO’D comment on a tweet by this Czarkaztik lass, that ended up being deleted somehow. GO’D saying her tweet was edited somehow, even though that’s impossible. The whole thing seems to be gone now anyway.


sugarman weighing in now. shitty Holland getting the right hump after being exposed as an establishment shill


Rolling out the words “establishment shill” adds precisely nothing to any debate, mate.

It’s become increasingly obvious over the last six years that O’Doherty is a complete headbanger who is not to be taken seriously.

Holland on the other hand is an excellent journalist who has broken vital stories which have changed Irish society for the better. Oh, and she’s the daughter of Eamonn McCann and Mary Holland, who are/were about as far from “establishment” as its possible to get.

So: to sum up, Holland is a vital voice, O’Doherty is a total crackpot.


yeah, cheers mate.

Holland is as vital as genital crabs, as is the rest of her ilk in the echo chamber that is the times.


I was never sure whether you were a wum or not? That level of over reaching exposes you I’m afraid. About as subtle as a sledgehammer


This is the unfortunate truth.


Ah here, we have to think of @artfoley’s @Special_Olympiakos’s hurt feelings here.

David Icke is in Ireland at the moment. He was on the Tubridy show this morning. Maybe Gemma could seek out his celebrity endorsement?

They’d be like peas in a pod.


A lot of projection here.

Windmilling at Holland, one could say.


Gemma O’Doherty is now claiming that her anti-vax stance was now actually against the vacuum cleaner of the same name.

Easy mistake to make.


id say the only windmilling is coming from Holland given how feverishly shes virtue signaling

“Kitty Holland is Social Affairs Correspondent. She has reported widely on such issues as homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, women’s rights, Travellers, immigrants’ rights, asylum seekers, domestic violence and gay, lesbian and transgender rights”

full house right there.


You didn’t have to tell anybody that you don’t consider those to be legitimate issues. It’s sort of a given when one is a backward, reactionary fuckwit with the worldview of a caricature taxi driver, as you are.


Crickey you don’t know how this works.

The Irish Times is not some freesheet you get with your Workers Party membership, it’s as establishment as can be. McCann and Holland were/are very much the establishment when their careers went on.

Kitty Holland writes advocacy pieces masquerading as “journalism”.

The likes of this piece is an embarrassment to the Irish Times;

Genma O’Doherty is a crank without question.

In summary, both are clowns.


I think that post shows quite the reactionary that you are. Holland is a virtue signaler. youre just a weido rapist in a basement.


Journalism and advocacy are not exclusive, they are anything but.

Journalism wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Few other journalists have done this state as much service as Holland.

I wouldn’t expect sad cunts on a forum who self-identify as emasculated, victimised men, to understand that.