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Again, a lot of projection there, although you’ve already made it clear that you think rape is neither weird nor a crime.

Exactly what one would expect from a sad little man like yourself.


youre the saddo, locked in youre basement projecting onto others your own self loathing. youre a sicko and a weirdo, seek help.


Woah, what a retort.

Here’s the reality, art. You’ve actual form going back years dismissing the seriousness of rape and, have admitted to serious professional malpractice while involved in rape trials that by rights should have seen you sacked.

You’re a sad, sad little man.


and youre the one who planned to rape and suck a tampon after following a girl to oz while at the same time holding yourself out as some form of paragon of virtue (signalling).

I’ve asked before and you’ve always ignored the question: did you ever tell gthe object of your affections about your posts here? simple yes or no will suffice.


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Read some of her actual reports.

She is an advocate. It is always about how the State/society is failing and class warfare. There is no such thing as personal responsibility for that social affairs correspondent.

If she wants to do with opinion pieces or advocacy then go and do it.

This is why the point of “the Irish Times has Breda O’Brien, of course it has balance” is a nonsense. Breda O’Brien writes opinion pieces. The Irish Times through its editing team (which includes one Fintan O’Toole) and key reporters push and promote a line. That is far more important and is the essence of media bias.


still cant answer the question. coward and weirdo


I’m not particularly interested in the fact that you don’t like her reports.

I would never expect you to, as you have a clear regressive, reactionary right-wing agenda when it comes to the type of things she reports on.

I am however interested in the psychological coping techniques you employ to convince yourself you’re correct when facts prove you otherwise.

Despite you being a deeply uninteresting person in general. Maybe not quite as uninteresting as art, but getting there.


so uninteresting you follow me around like a puppy and tag at every possible opportunity :smiley:


Again, you don’t understand what journalism is. Advocacy journalism or campaigning journalism very much is journalism, and has been around for as long as the profession has existed.

You also don’t understand what personal responsibility is, a thing you have in common with the vast majority of all right-wing posters here.

Neither do you understand the concept of free speech, despite you claiming to be an advocate of it.


As uninteresting a reply as I’d expect from you.

I don’t think you saw the irony of you complaining about being tagged by replying to a post in which you weren’t tagged, by the way.

Can you go even one post without projecting your inadequacies?


Cool, don’t debate the point then.

I happily admit right wing bias in the press, as do you, but you are just blinded by your self righteous bs that you can’t see the other side. Ever.


What are you on about with free speech?

I am perfectly happy with Kitty Holland to say what she wants, but there should be some clarity to what her “reporting” actually is.

Once again you go off on one which has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.


you mentioned me in the post and you’ve tagged me several times in others, obsession


no to mention balance.


I have debated the point, you haven’t. You’re still labouring back behind the line, unable to work out what journalism is and isn’t.

The reason you don’t like Holland is clear.

You don’t like when the issues she highlights are highlighted, because they focus on those who are most vulnerable in society.

She does excellent work doing such.

You don’t like the plight of the most vulnerable in society being highlighted, we know that. They don’t fit in with the agenda you want to push. The most vulnerable in society are apparently, according to you at least, “the establishment”.

Your spiel is Declan Ganley-esque.

Orwell would have a field day with you.


Can you read Kitty Holland’s article linked above and tell wtf you think it is about and what point she is making?


Again, a lot of projection. You’ve spent the last four years obsessing over some rape fantasy you have involving myself, as you’ve proved for the umpteenth time again today.

That’s genuinely mental shit.

Step away from the keyboard, mate. It’s doing you no good at all.


I imagine the overarching point is to highlight the severe inequality that exists in Dublin, which is one of the most pertinent issues which exists in society.

Can you tell me what your problem with it is?

Can you tell me what your problem with her work in general is?

Is it because you don’t like issues regarding the most vulnerable in society being highlighted?


ive fired up the offending post a few times for all to see. did you tell the girl involved about your tampon sucking fantasy?