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Ah leave him alone, he’s vulnerable


This should be pretty obvious if you have the ability to comprehend on a level other than that of a libertarian simpleton.

It’s obviously a bit complicated for you.



Was Jonathan Corrie being a drug addict due to inequality?


To be fair, art, nobody would ever put your decision to treat rape as a joke down to anything other than your personal decision to become an utter fuckwit.


I may be an utter cunt in your eyes, but I’m far from a fuckwit as evidenced by your cellar festering compared to my high flying.

But thats probably down to inequality and your vulnerability. Innit?


I think we should circle back to the main point here.

-People say that the IT is a liberal echo chamber.
-Sidney claims Kitty Holland is a fabulous journalist.
-Kitty Holland article posted.
-Ask Sidney what it’s about, he gives all the buzz words about inequality.
-Asked to back up why with substantive points…tumbleweed

It is classic echo chamber stuff. No questioning, no criticical analysis. It’s giving the true believers what they want.


I see what you’ve done here.

You’ve done what all right-wing idiots do.

You take one individual case and then extrapolate a completely wrong generalisation from that, in order to fit in with the worldview you’re desperately trying to convince yourself is correct, even though you know full well it’s a load of bullshit.


Try and post in English next time, art.


Is that not what you and kitty Holland have done from the other perspective?


Ok in your language

Me: winning

You: abject failure


Not at all.

Kitty Holland’s articles are backed up by decades of social research, the rantings of you and @Tim_Riggins are backed up by nothing other than decades of gullibility, hatred and self-loathing.


You’re the type of fuckwit who thinks rapists are “winners”, mate.

So, it’s not that surprising to hear you consider yourself one.


Sorry but it’s up to you do to defend this.

You said the article was about inequality.


How is it structural inequality that caused this man to become a drug addict and lose the good jobs he had previously (which the State supported getting him through training)?


I[quote=“Sidney, post:5421, topic:18085”]
You’re the type of fuckwit who thinks rapists are “winners”, mate

No, I said you were a failure


Her Arts Degree followed by a Masters in Journalism?


When communities are abandoned with no supports, bad things tend to happen.

You do realise you’re going against decades of social research on this in favour of nothing other than your own hatred of poor people, yes?

So, in short: decades of social research is incorrect, and an ignorant fuckwit like you is correct.

Or something.


The day a sad little twisted rape apologist fuckwit such as you thinks I’m a success is the day I’ll know my life truly has been a failure, mate.


Cough it up, Tim.

Nobody needs 15 minutes to write a simple “I hate poor people”.


Sorry but please explain “no supports”?

It states in the article that the man did FÁS courses that helped him get good jobs.

“I done a load of courses – forklifting, warehouse work – and had good jobs, but then the drugs came along”

So how exactly is that no support?

Further on;

“Though homeless and living in a hostel in the city centre, he is attending a course in the Dales Centre, a facility for recovering addicts, in Priorswood and hoping to come fully off methadone in the next year.”

The Dales Centre received thousands in State funding last year.

So how is this no support?

Again regarding Jonathan Corrie, what are you blaming his drug addiction on? Is it inequality like this or not? It isn’t a one off example, addiction comes to anyone.

You’re going now into “decades of research” to deflect. I’ve no doubt that you’re furiously googling some Social Science Masters students article to try and get us stuck down some irrelevant rabbit hole.

We are talking about the standard of article here.

I think an article which talks about a “Tale or two cities” should be able to show that. This absolutely fails to do so but you eat it up talking about Kitty Holland being one of Ireland’s great journalists.

I do admire the fact that she’s carved out a career feeding feeble minded people like yourself what they want to hear to be fair.


You’re a wannabe rapist with sick fantasies.

And your hypocitical shreiking of rape apologist makes you like the priest decrying the fall of morals in society while he’s secretly buggering an altar boy.

You sick twisted mentally ill arsehole