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Sorry, art, the history of this forum proves that you genuinely are a wannabe rapist and rape apologist. Always with the projection.

With the genuinely disturbed stuff you write on such a regular basis, you sound like a potential suicide case to me.

See a psychiatrist or maybe hand yourself in to police before you do something really daft. Or maybe resign from your job, because it’s genuinely frightening that a mentalist like you can be employed in the courts.

This is you, isn’t it? :grin:


Oh good one Sid, you deranged bastard.

You’re the one who followed a girl to oz and fantasised about sucking her tampons. I’m guilty of bad taste jokes.

Anyway I grow tired of this. I’ll leave you be for the moment.


Are these the same supports that Fine Gael has done everything in its power to cut?

What you wrote above is yet another over-long waffle therapy session for you about why you hate poor people.

This has been a long pattern as regards your forum contributions. The idea of “personal responsibility” to you has only applied to the disadvantaged.

Your ideology is: deliberately neglect communities, throw them on the scrapheap and deny the very concept of social disadvantage. Then, when people end up in bad outcomes such as drug addiction, throw them on the scrapheap and demonise them.

And, of course, demonise those who provide much needed highlighting of social issues.

This sort of social Darwinian ideology has never moved beyond three words: “screw the bastards”.

It’s an ideology that has been a total failure wherever it has been employed.

That you would deny that drug addicts are not among society’s most vulnerable would be utterly laughable if it wasn’t so insidious.


Have you got help yet, you deviant, rape-loving freak?

There’s a number in here. Ring it.


A lot of text there but you still fail to deal with the article.

Please show how the article evidences inequality as you claimed.


It’s not my job to pander to your special brand of deranged Ayn Rand-lite fuckwittery.

You have not dealt with your assertion that drug addicts are not among society’s vulnerable people.

The reason for that is because only a special brand of deranged fuckwit would make such an assertion.

Knowing you, you probably think they’re “the establishment”, or something.

Weirdos like you are always on the lookout for imagined victimhood.


I asked you how the article evidenced inequality as you claimed.

I’m still waiting for you to provide a coherent response.


You haven’t even read the article you linked to.



Stand over your “point” that drug addicts are not among society’s most vulnerable.

In terms of “coherence”, you haven’t a leg to stand on.

The sum total of your contributons on this thread have been to publicly showcase your bizarrely hurt feelings over the excellent journalism of Kitty Holland, and to display the attitude of a full-blown sociopath in terms of how society should operate as regards the disadvantaged.

And you can’t stand over it. Of course you can’t.

Because it’s an attitude that is based on open class warfare and hatred and hasn’t a shred of human empathy or decency attached to it.


I’m still waiting for you to tell us how this article evidences inequality.


Still waiting for you to actually read the article you linked to.

You’re making a fool of yourself.


I have and I’ve given you some points on it.

Why can’t you deal with them other than posting a load of other links and shrieking about irrelevancies?


I’m actually laughing here at you referencing the word “shrieking”, mate.

You’ve run clean out of ideas at this stage, so I think I’ll just let you keep repeating projection buzzwords to yourself, as long as it keeps you happy.

You’re all over the place here.

Then again, there’s never a time when somebody with a worldview as objectively wrong as yours isn’t.

And still you can’t stand over the utterly vacuous “point” you made about drug addicts not being among society’s most vulnerable.

It’s Gemma O’Doherty-esque.


All I’m asking for you is to back up your assertion that this article evidences inequality.

Was it the mention of kebabs being sold in Darndale vs Prosecoo in Ballsbridge that hooked you?


And still Rees-Moggins digs, and still he hasn’t read the article he linked to, and still he can’t back up his idiotic “point”.

Bye now, Tim.

Another comprehensive humiliation for you in a forum lifetime of them.


Oh you’re leaving, I hope you can come back and let us know how the article evidences inequality at some point.


@Tim_Riggins 114 - @Sidney 0


@Sidney you quickly accuse Tim and others of bias when assessing any political/economic/social issue. Would you accept that you could be similarly accused of bias - that you’re not exactly a neutral arbiter of truth?


Now here’s a logical paradox for some of our virtue signallers



I actually read the last 100 posts. God help me.