Ireland politics


A fucking train wreck.


I’m heavily biased in favour of reality, which is why is why I have an obvious, well founded problem with the simplistic open class warfare of @Tim_Riggins.

Tim is an extremist and self-identifies against anything he sees as “liberal”.

Bias is far too kind a term to apply to Tim.

Cult-like would be much fairer.

There’s a chap called Councillor Keith Redmond on Twitter. Have a read of his timeline. This is Tim in a nutshell.

A thick cunt.


How so, mate?

Do explain.


You’ve given him a chance to spout off some more irrelevant dribble here and not answer what’s asked of him.


Now, now, Tim.

You didn’t answer. Why not?

Why can’t you stand over the utterly vapid, idiotic “point” you made?

Oh, right, it’s sort of obvious, isn’t it. :joy:

I’m still waiting, by they way.


Tick tock, still waiting.


Only you can change that by answering. Get on with it.


It’s kinda weirdly fascinating but leaves one feeling empty and shamed after reading through it. Intellectual debate… right.

You’re a dick.

Well you’re a fucking cunt.

No you’re a fucking cunt.

I know what I am but what are you.

Fuck you you fucking prick!




My main weakness is that I just work too hard …


I very much doubt that could be said for many posters on this forum, especially the ones that claim without irony to work hard.

They’re the very ones that are most likely to spend several hours flailing gormlessly against myself in an argument.


I just scroll through anything with what looks like a tomato in it these days.


the “press” pack has been roused and theyre after GOD


Time for Gemma to take personal responsibility for this tweet about a rape trial.

She’s another of the George Hook-style “victims of crime are personally responsible” brigade.

Exactly what sort of “personal responsibility” is she advocating here, I wonder?







so, I see kitty Holland has deleted her tweet calling GOD a homophobe. I hope GOD inflicts a good dose of courtophobia on her now

Soft kitty, wrong kitty, Little ball of bile, angry kitty, shitty kitty, run run run


The ironymeter just broke :laughing:


The big winners in this are high charge out rate solicitors, who I imagine both of these people despise.