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on the plus side though, kitty will be cleaned out and will get to join those whom she writes so much about




Remember this story?

You would think an objective journalist would ask questions and try and set the record straight, instead on social media Kitty gets onto her good pal Brendan Ogle who was having kittens on social media over it;

A fabulous journalist, NOT an activist.


Gemma will clean Kitty out just like Paddy Jackson cleaned out Aodhan O’Riordain. :grin:


Well AOR further humiliated himself by issuing a groveling apology and Kitty is off deleting tweets. To be fair that does show a bit of cop on and self awareness after making holy shows of themselves, something some people could learn around here.


Yeah, you could probably learn not to humiliate yourself by just posting full stop.




Sure was. Tim is the master of the self-inflicted one, though to be fair, you run him close.



David Robert Grimes


Doctor of physics, cancer researcher. Occasional Irish Times / Guardian / BBC contributor. Sometime musician / actor, full time Jedi Knight. Foppish hair

:smiley: :smiley:


Ah lovely, we’ve had ever kind of a fucking scandal going and now this chancer is going to bring down the Government because of buying stamps in West Clare.

Don’t ever change Ireland. Don’t ever change.


He was elected on the GP shortage platform and hasn’t gotten an iota of traction on that issue. He may as well go all-out parish pump on this one.




That’s a despicable response


What a weirdo


Apple pay over 14.3 billion but Paschal says its not owed.


You really couldn’t make it up.


Does Varadkar think he is Harvey Milk or something. Lecturing Palestinian leader on homosexuality. Jesus H Christ


Gay rights are human rights. Its not as if anything else should be troubling the Palestinians.