Ireland politics


This one will be a bit of a puzzle for the Oirish Looney left.
They love Hamas and Palestine but palastine treat the gays like dogs, they hate Israel and gay Palestinians take refuge in Israel.


Our water and electricity are shut off our people are starving but you’re right Leo this is a much bigger issue is how the conversation will go


Sorry lad, is this Ireland or Palestine?









Taoiiseach varadkar as a raging homosexual would be a criminal in Palestine. He’d have to run away off to Israel for refuge to save his balls from being hung on a pike.
It’s not a big issue tho for Colm Gorman and Ms Panti who of course went absolutely beserk when Pope Francis came to Ireland.


Big Oirish welcome for a corrupt terrorist leader who hates homosrexuals. No sign of the snowflakes tho they must be busy today

Presidrnt Trump not welcome tho :slight_smile:


What qualifies a homosexual as a ‘raging homosexual’


I think someone is confusing the leader of hamas with the prime minister of the West Bank. Deary me


I think someone is poking their snout into something they know nothing about. It happens a lot with the Palestinian issue.

Abbas and his ‘government’ pay citizens to murder random Israelis.


Homosexual - man who doesn’t follow Cark club hurling
Raging homosexual - man who prefers sex with other men



Maybe if Frano read this tweet by the raving anti-semite and IRA supporter John Taylor he might have a better insight into why people fly Palestinian flags at sporting events.


What was the logic of the March for Choice event yesterday? Patting one another on the back?




Triumphalism. To wind people up. That’s what these crowd are about


Does it also suggest as well maybe a slow down of their agenda?


Thick cunts outside the dart station on Friday seeking to get the govt to " put through the legislation we voted for"

If they’re all that stupid then there’s a huge upside to unfettered abortion