Ireland politics


How many more do we need to go before the government is dissolved?


That Garda station is not opened yet so we have unfinished business.




Jaysus that was quick. Must be worse to come out


Leo was out defending him this morning on Newstalk. Bizarre. He mustn’t have known


Wasn’t his first time being caught up in these type of allegations either.


He’s only stepping down as a minister I presume?


Ah …


Jaysus they are already talking about a triumphant return for the “exonerated” Francy Fitz. It probably will be her and all.


As the saying goes . The electorate of Roscommon will be the judge of his suitability to be a TD .


The stupid cunts - of course they will…


Leo has been made a show of.


Not exactly standing behind him either


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this morning, only Brendan Howlin seemed to understand that this whole thing was unacceptable


Lowry to step into the breach and save FG. :slight_smile:


we have a snowflake Taoiseach waiting for the wind to blow and changing his mind every few hours.


I’d say he has a team pulling tweets and FB updates apart on the hour to see what way it’s blowing …



i dont know what it is about the fella but he doesnt seem to have the manliness to be a leader


Seems like Naughten was up to his neck in it.