Ireland politics


The secgen and A sec have questions to answer as well


Artfoley angling for a promotion here.


Leo and Michéal have the fall guy now to take the blame for an election. And Leo also gets a dig at a former FGer who left over a local hospital issue…


Integrity of process. You literally couldn’t make up the shit that the fuckers come out with. Naughtens FG credentials exposed badly.


Quit the shadow boxing and call the election before Christmas.


You’d want to have your head examined to work in DCCAE.

I don’t know how they do it


Enda Kenny had Dinny Naughten’s card marked a long time ago. cc @myboyblue. That’ll soften the cough of those pesky Independents.


A Christmas election - the trench donkeys will love that. Being turned away from brightly lit homes like Victorian orphans.

@chocolatemice will be divorced within a year of being married


Naughten says he told Leo about all of the meetings last night, as opposed to this morning, now


Enda was a great great leader. Leo’s not fit to tie his laces.


One of them was getting the job done the other is half a man more interested in his socks.
I know who id believe.


that vardkar is an awful leader, there is no sense of authority or charisma off him


He is a very weak man. I’d say he has his lucky socks put aside for tomorrow, he def wasn’t wearing them today


you see lads like him in badly run companies


varadkar’s voice was quivering in the dail, the man is unfit for the office of taoiseach


He’s very weak.


it was Timmy Dooley who took this clown down, he was like a dog with a bone, a great spokesman for communications


some fucker wearing a denim shirt in the dail, what is this country coming to?


Timmy Dooley is a man who inspires confidence


A future Taoiseach.