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Running away before the shit hits the fan. What a shower of utterly incompetent wasters they are. I’m looking at cunts like them all my working life. They say the right things to the right people and get promoted way beyond their abilities. For the most part they avoid any controversy because their inadequacies are masked by others above them. I once witnessed a colleague make such a mistake that it cost £80,000 to rectify and because it would have brought down the house of cards, his superiors managed to hide it. He didn’t even get demoted, they promoted someone else to his position and he simply did nothing for a few years until another project came around and it was given to him. You couldn’t make it up. Batt has never been promoted to such lofty offices.


That’s most of the TDs in the Dail. Most of them are not fit to be there. What experience does snivelling wretch Harris have of handling a budgets never mind a department with a €17 billion euro budget?


Michael O’Leary should be running the country


Ryanair lost 20m in the last quarter.


Terms of reference have now changed to include naming individuals.


Yep only after the it was revealed that it didn’t. FG havent a bogs notion what they are doing.

Kenny tearing strips of Alan Farrell on newstalk now.


Another journalist off to work as an adviser to a Fine Gael minister. This time Paul Media environmental editor of the Indo going to work for Eoghan Murphy.


Great name for a journalist


I can’t get away with changing the typo now.


It’s like it was written in the stars.


Alan Farrell of Fine Gael being interviewed by Pat Kenny this morning is incredible radio. Pat is like a dog without a bone when he gets going. He destroys Farrell. Sean O Rourke gave Harris a fair hiding too. It was a grand way to pass the morning.


Heard Harris - immediately turned off-such a fucking muppet I’m allergic at this stage


Farrell is the epitome of a lad who’s not half as clever as he thinks he is.


Farrell is not alone in thinking that, there are a good few others in the Dail that also think that. Unfortunately some of them are ministers. :frowning:


Farrell is known for being a bit of an idiot, no?


Harris must be seething that he has to get back to the day job after the months of grandstanding.


Harris must be pissed that he announced on Friday that there would be no individuals identified in the PWC report for the cost over runs on the Childrens Hospital and then Leo the liar goes on Radio yesterday and says the report will now name people who are responsible.

Harris shouldn’t be a minister the sniveling little fucker.


Hes blessed that Brexit is taking so long. Otherwise the FFers would have the plug well pulled.


Think so M,he’s a shauneen


Harris not qualified,and Leo not elected- what a great little country we have?