Ireland politics


Harris is a windbag. A spineless “yes” man. A good fit for MFH.


How does one become “qualified” to be Minister for Health?


Normally the minimum I’d hazard a guess would be to be a practicing doctor?


Though in this country anything goes we had Harney s grossly overweight hippo


Is there a job description for a ministerial portfolio? Do they undergo any type of appropriateness test for the job or have to fill any criteria to be selected? It seems to be very artbitrary. I mean Harris never held down a job before he entered politics and has all the hallmarks of a career politician. How then can he be expected to essentially be director general of a now 2bn euro capital project? Smear test Scandal and Nurses strike arent helping matters either. Dare I say it INMO probably saw what a nonce they had as minister for health and deemed the time was right to strike. Last one interestingly was 20 years ago under Brian Cowens watch. I guess it didn’t do him any harm and he went on to become Taoiseach and helped bankrupt the country. Maybe history will repeat itself.


You expect the Minister for Health to be a practising doctor?



Has to be qualified,I’ll rephrase it,just to feed you


James Reilly was a doctor. Leo Varadkar was a doctor.

What difference diid them being doctors make to their performance as Minister for Health?


You’ll have to ask them I’d :wink: say


Aneurin Bevan wasn’t a doctor.


Well sid old buddy if you had a car problem you’d obviously take the motor to someone with at least the basics of mechanics ,same with MOH


Ireland Sidney


If the state of all mechanics businesses in the country was fucked I wouldn’t ask a mechanic to fix it.


Yeah but you’d go to someone with a basic understanding?


No it isn’t.

If I was sick I’d go to a doctor, I wouldn’t go to the Minister for Health, because the brief of the Minister for Health does not include being a doctor.

Neither does the brief of the Minister for Transport include being a bus driver.


A politician didn’t fix our TB problem,was a doctor




Oh dear Sid old bud you’re really reaching ,think I’ll invite your sparring partner in to put you back in your old box


There was a general consensus years ago that anybody thinking of trying to oust the serving Taoiseach and was a half decent politician usually got fucked into health as it would be the ruination of them. Cowan bucked the trend but he did so when the country was flush and was able to throw money at it.
Leo just decided to do fuck all and pass the buck.
Seemed to work for him but the children’s hospital thing is now biting him in the ass


But you’d think they’d get it even half right FFS it’s one balls-up and scandal after another