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Of course they remain in situ. Imagine we fucked out everyone with any experience of how to do a job everyy few years? Theres a load of chafe (@glasagusban) there but half the politicians haven’t a breeze about their briefs. Or are acting on behalf of vested interests. You need a civil service to keep them in check.


Martin’s another bloody shauneen, SDLP/ FF my hole


The local councilor for Fine Gael called to the door last night. First time in 3 years living here that he’s actually knocked on the door rather than just fucked the leaflets in and ran. Easy knowing there’s an election coming. Wasted on me anyway because I can’t even remember the chaps name and the leaflets went straight in the recycling.


Not to worry, those fuckers have a neck like a jockeys bollox. They dont give a fuck.


This country has been ruled by St Brendans, Killarney, for decades


Shane Ross is the worst type of cunt


RTE calling out all the NIMBY FGers tonight. Someone in RTE must be trying to build apartments


Gaydawn getting called out now. Beautiful


Harris hanging on by a thread here. FF look like they smell blood.




Heard Meehole there on Pat Kenny and he was saying the minister needs to explain when he knew about the cost over runs and why didn’t he say anything. Meehole thinks the government knew about the cost overruns in the summer of last year but never said anything.

Brexit as usual will save these fuckers.


I’m not sure. I don’t think the cost escalations will stop. Also I think other capital projects may be effected like Cat Lab in Waterford, upgrades to hospital in Limerick etc. What we have at the moment is the cervical check scandal that seems to be a massive clusterfuck, nurses on Strike, 100s of GPs protesting in Dublin today, a massive overrun on childrens hospital. Given the bottleneck nature of St James site I think it will be tedious in terms of how long it takes to complete. I reckon Varadkar will thrown Harris under the bus. He has been waiting for this opportunity since he sided with Coveney in the leadership contest. Pascal O Donnoghue more or less set those wheels in motion yesterday. The interesting thing about BAM actually is that PWC who are commissioned to investigate cost over run are BAMs auditors so there is clear conflict of interest here. Also BAM are building PWC offices in the UK.


If they’d kept the over-run reasonable they’d have gotten away with it. Building contractors are not at fault here. State default reaction is to hire an auditor to commission a report to give them breathing space to get their lies straight. “We can’t comment or speculate until the report has been released”. By that time another scandal will have arisen.


Yea exactly. But you cant blame ignorance of the facts or some civil servant didnt tell me. You have to be on top of your brief. Go out and ask a few questions. Unfortunately in this instance from months between August and November Harris was blinded by the vista of aborted babies and basking in his new “I fancy Simon Harris” persona created by the feminazis to do anything about the current mess.


Also just wait until they spin this into an attack on Simon Harris and government by pro lifers still angry at the result of referendum.


Already happening, saying he was more concerned with killing healthy babies than helping sick ones. I’d be glad to see that snivelling windbag fall but another resignation won’t stop this happening again. From what I’ve read original costings were plucked from thin air to make James’ the preferable location and were never realistic. A lot of vultures also see this as another opportunity to fleece the tax payer. Unfortunately the end user is last on the priority list when it comes to the public spending, this time it’s sick children. Hospitals of a better standard have been built in Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham for far far less.


Why were they so obsessed with jamming this into the James site? Every commentator at the time seemed to know it was an awful idea


Expect a big Sinn Fein ‘scandal’ to hit the press soon… and no, not Mary Lou big.


would this have anything to do with it?


What have they done now mate?